Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Knock Knock

Hey Hey ppl.. im back in business =P
That basically means im being bored again =/

Too much outing these days.. feeling sick already n forgetting CNY is coming soon @.@
got to do something quick b4 CNY comes. Getting worried of my future, Our Future. Getting involved with some business during this holidays really get me thinking. Life's Realy Hard. We humans, in such small island called Earth. Limited wealth to share among us, to be wealthy is a selfish thinking actually... cos u r holding bac wad should be shared.

Even if u wanna be rich nowadays is not as easy as how ur parents used to be. Now it make sense y TV movies always got this DUDE dat wanna blow off half of the earth. Kill every1 on earth. With U gone, he gets wad's urs. Or in easier way he wants the world to roll bac to want the 60s-80s were. Easy earning money.

.........Enough of dat.........

I need some tools for myself to fix some stuff.. those small lil screw driver. Nice~

--------Remembering that---------

Old Friendships r breaking apart.
1)Bz with bf/gf
2)Not coming bac anymore(but not like she used to care)
3)ignoring me/us(ffk some more)
4)lost of dat close feeling
5)Finally saw her true colour(i dun wanna be another guy of urs)

its sad to noe dat its breaking, but im powerless to save it

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hallo World 2008

Hey hey~ its new year. Whole new year. new life. new aims. new world

Any1 noes how to take away those words on top of my blog?? pls help me

Ah.. life's boring during holiday. Not to say life in school is much better.. but at least frenz r there. life wit a purpose. Now im so lazy n only think of food