Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To: (you)

To: Dear (You)

I want. I hope. I tried. I know once before we had this (thing) between us and I should have save it back then. Now i know its all too far too late. I've tried, but i tried too hard. It could be because of I've tried it too hard that kills it. I should have followed the flow, slowly, safely, sail into your heart.

You too said all you want is to be a friend. I know that is not true. I know you didn't truly mean it that way. Blames on me for trying too hard, but i did hope you too at least try. You know I'm always there for you, but you treat me as more of a guarding phantom(invisible) than a friend.

All i can hope for right now is a hug, a kiss on the face, or at least a friendly greetings from you now and then. True greetings from your heart, but not a call or sms calling me for help when you need me, and back to his arms again after. I wish you happy, wishing you able to find a guy better then me, or someone suits you and makes you happy.

From: (me)

Haha! How was it? good? emo? please drop some comments.
I bought a key chain for her, she said (something, cannot tell) then i berried it some whr... comes to think of it, whr have it berried it o.O?
I wrote this while listening to Techno(Bo0m bOoM Bo0M), ofcos thinking of some1 too. But that was long ago. =) Cheers!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Empty" Thick PhoneBook

I Was goin thru the phone book at 1.34a.m looking for some1 to entertain me. With friends went over aus for the past 72 hours, most of the numbers are useless for now. valid but unusable numbers.


Some1 sleeps late and goes out late at nite? (not clubing and shits la.) Jus yam cha or meet a fren. T.T

Friday, February 13, 2009


I had an argument with my sis last month. It was something about me not able to go oversea while both of em' went to aus and UK. Is unfair to me simply because (i think) i score better, i work harder and here i am. Monash Sunway. Not exactly what my parents promised me. They had what they were promised.

After the argument she went and told my mum about it. She came and talk to me about it (clearly, im extremely unhappy with it, at the same time i know they cant afford it.). I clearly explain myself again i am not demanding to go oversea. i am jus feeling unfair about it. Just a moment ago she came and say "lets go monash now, we apply for exchange." So i said "Halfhearted, go away!"

I continue with my computer games and ignored her.

(both my siblings went aus n UK under transfer, 1 went for 2 years, 1 more currently middle of his 1st year. What they are asking me to go is Half a Year. Still HALFHEARTED. I dun like it)

Be in my shoe be u start giving me lectures.

Proton Satria Neo CPS

Changed dimensions for better handling.
Leather Seats.
Wind Tunnel Test Rear Wing(Spoiler)
I Dono bout u guys. This could be a Protong, but its so yummy! The Looks @.@ The Rims T.T
This is so my 1st Car. Soon.. u jus wait.
(Pictures are taken from