Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, December 28, 2007

Heart Beat

When i c U:

1) my heart beats faster

2) i run out of words

3) i wan to spend my whole life with u

When i dun c u:

1) i miss u like crazy

2) i wanna call u every hour

3) i wonder wad u r doing

Jus a pic of u makes my day

Good morning girl =)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Me Growing Up

These days hav been thinking bac much.. Cos dats de only thing i hav time to do. So bz on work den nite go out till bed time...

I used to spend my credit on msg-ing... well... mostly girls... Leland..

N now... i stop all de msg-ing without even me noe-ing it. I think the last girl i gave up on wakes me up.

"Girls R Waste Of Time until u hav really Found The 1"
Dun u think so?

All got affected by TV shows, telling ppl how love should b found n how beautiful it is.. They even hav books telling ppl wad is de way to treat ur boy fren n girl fren... Love HAD became a subject... Not an experience anymore..

"Wad Makes u Think Theres An ULTIMATE SOLUTION of getting a girl?" All BS

I dun really noe i hav even really like a girl... or its jus the Look of the girl attracts me..
Need a Break Man.. Do wish to hav a girl but Rush is not the thing to do.

Okays this is my Kopitiam Logo At uptown

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Confusing world Of Automobile

Here is a list of hu owns hu

BMW owns:
-Rolls Royce

Daimler/Chrysler owns:
-AMC (brand discontinued -- Chrysler bought AMC primarily for the Jeep brand which was owned by AMC)
-Eagle (brand discontinued)
-Hyundai (Daimler/Chrysler only owns 10% --13 May 04 changes!)
-Plymouth (brand discontinued)

Fiat owns:
-Alfa Romeo

Ford owns:
-Aston Martin (SALE PENDING)
-Land Rover (bought from BMW)
-Mazda (Ford owns 33% of Mazda)
-Volvo cars

Fuji Heavy Industries owns:

General Motors owns:
-Daewoo (GM owns 44%)
-Fiat (GM has decided to divorce itself from Fiat as of Feb '05, but will retain 10% ownership.)
-Oldsmobile (brand discontinued)
-Suzuki (2.5%, from 20%)

Honda owns:

Hyundai owns:

Isuzu owns:
(Mitsubishi Corp., Itochu Corp. and Mizuho Corporate Bank owns part of Isuzu.)

Mitsubishi Corp. owns:
-Isuzu (13.6%)
-Mitsubishi Motors Corp (13%)

Nissan owns:
-Renault (Nissan owns 15%)

PSA Peugeot Citroen owns:

Porsche owns:
-VW (~31%)

Renault owns:
-Nissan (Renault owns 44%)

Toyota owns:
-Daihatsu (~51%)
-Fuji Heavy Industries -- Subaru (Toyota owns ~20%. Toyota bought this from GM in late 2005. )
-Isuzu (5.9%, announced 7 Nov. 2006)

Volkswagen owns:

The automotive world is constantly changing so this article is will updated as needed.

Last update: 30 March 2007
Latest changes were: Porsche upping its stake in VW to about 31%. Also mentioned Ford's sale of Aston Martin


How u feel about Ikea?

I went to Ikea yesterday afternoon. Found a nice table... went n find the parts... EH? mana kaki-nye????

So we went n find the ppl working..

Worker: "oh~ Sry sir, Kaki sudah habis".
Me: "Oh~ bila ade stock yg baru?"
Worker: "Late Dec"
Me: " 0.0 huh? Waaa... lame-nye"

Conclusion: Ikea stock management Sucks My Balls

Monday, November 19, 2007

The actual World we living in

How much u pay doesn't always equal bac wad u gain...

So unfair..

Bye Bye

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wad parties r for

The main purpose of holding children's parties
is to remind yourself that there are children
more awful than your own.

The younger The Better

Wad im gona talk about will make me sound.... horny? anyways.. read at ur own risk

Ive notice 1 thing very interesting. Which is the younger the family member the prettier they are


only apply to girls
only apply if all siblings r girls
only apply if the eldest is AT LEAST ok looking.

So for those eldest sis out there XD not dat u not pretty.. jus dat ur sis better only.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Car Food

This V-Power thing had went on selling for very long edy but nvr ever hav de chance to tell every1

It Works!!

It does work... ive tested n felt it... great fun... like 1.5 to 1.6 lidat... not bad.. hahaha!
Dats for shell... n do note dat v-power doesnt hav the extra kilometer thingy... *if it works*

Got tricked by lousy Trick

We went to medan jus now for dinner after studies... and i played a dumb trick on this girl name jia yeng(sry if spell ur name wrongly) n this is how it went

Sean: The chicken chop here not bad.

JiaYeng(JY):Really? Where's chicken chop(on the menu)

Garfield:There. Pork is Chicken(point on the menu)

JY:Oh~ (*look at the list of pork*) HUH?! nola!

*The funny part here is she actually believed me for a second dat pork is chicken XD, that feeling is jus so funny man! LOL*

Jus a simple thing can create great fun. Hahahaha! i guess she had too much studies jus now. Hehehehe! study bad for health.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Feel it inside.. its here again

Hmm... feeling it again... its there~ inside me ><

Hahaha! its de feeling of lonelyness...

dun u feel it??

every1 stop msg-ing u...

they also stop REPLYING u...

they dun go mamak anymore...

they dun gossip anymore...

btw... i went fetch my bro this afternoon.... i got all YELLOW colour traffic lights man.. ALL!! every single TL den i went through are yellow!!! and ofcos.. i didnt make it for all... aiks... must b some ass from control center making a fool out of me.. DAMMIT


Saw a nerdy looking girl in friendster hu is my fren's fren. The real her not so nerdy actually.. Alcohol and parties.. yea yea.. dat kind... -.-"

Anyways... Nerdy Looking Girl Can Be HOT T00!! *Clap! Clap!*

Friday, October 12, 2007

Unlucky Day

Ah.. On 11-10-07

The day started by some1 calling me go CC and i did went. the fellow say AC.. n it was kinda late cos later we having tute.. so i jus park at asia cos by top ill be parking for an hour plus. So dats fine.. 2 bux. Guess wad. they r at JS.. so far away! Zzzz... so i walked there n having all fun.. N yup we skiped tute dat day.. again.

Then the all smart sean ask "want dinner tonite wit wen yee? for her bday.." im so ass broke n n dinner.. but fine la.. go la.. *at this point my car is still in asia after hours*

so we decided to go bac uni to finish off assignments and we did. I was fetch by sean to uni *which means my car still in asia* so wait till 7pm for dinner. saw JUSTIN in uni.

dinner went all crazy cos we hav a very Un-deciding guest. Had my very 1st Soya Bean ice-cream... taste jus like Soya Bean.. *My car still in asia*

about 10.. we left.. Wen Yee say "arent we goin for cs?" so we head to asia cos dats de 1 and only place she wanna go.. dono y... all great memories i guess... but no place.. fine lor... go home..

SO i walk to my car... saw the wheel was not lock *phew* so i got in.. start the car.. was a lil rush cos some1 waiting for the place... "EH? y the car weird weird 1? cannot move 1?" hit the gas harder... it moved... but its for sure weird... the *BANG!* i hit the car behind with no ppl inside..."Oh Gosh~ wad is this..." quickly drive off... the i heard exploding sound!... so i got down check.. nothing ahhh....

get in the car.. drive off... car sliding 1 side... oh shit... flat tyres... AAAHHH... fucking asia cafe... CD fuck... paid u fucking much on everything n this is wad i get... went to near by housing area... changed the tyre wit no proper tools... when i was about to finish... this aunty came n ask "im sry.. do u mind helping me?" im like "for?" "oh im rushing to KLIA n i lost my wallet BLA BLA BLA~" Wad fuck is this? reject cannot... dun reject... confirm BS 1 la... diu!

But there was once this lil form 2 girl told me... by helping u did a good thing... for him/her to cheat is their sin... using ur kindness to cheat.. BIGGER SIN... fine la.. she asked for 20 i gave 10.. i say ur saga can make it 1 la..

went bac... bathe... on comp... sleepy.. went sleep....

next morning go check the tyre.. the air of it was released only... ZZzz... wad fuck... paid 2 bucks for service.. find no holes.. change de tyre bac... drove of...

WAD AN EXPERIENCE>>> Asia.. u bastard.. i cant believe u man... wait till u get to hell den ull pay...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Funny video!

Here a link to this ultra funny video of a cadet dancing. MUST WATCH

Saturday, October 6, 2007


i think im in deep trouble. Do u hav any idea how ive been driving lately?? Well.. dangerous enough to keep me thinking wad i jus did was extremely wrong. Kinda addictive 1 u noe.. when u start doin all those criss crossing with those speed. =/

Jus notice britney say "Its britney, BITCH. " not babe... hahaha! *its from her new song*

I used to do a lot of thinking bac when i was in high skol. Jus luv to figure of how things work. But lately wad i do is checking out girls walking pass n do useless things like go CC few times a week even when tests and exams r jus around the corner. feeling uselss...

Ah~ too sleepy to think rite now... all i wan is go out! but no body is asking me out.. so sad ='(

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life Till Now

Life SO FAR:

1) i was complaining that i've worked too hard last sem mainly because i wan to beat sean but as for now i've been relaxing all de way and now im stack with my studies cos im so far behind.
2)i slowly notice when ur not as good as some body, no matter how hard u try to win that person, u will end up learning the lesson harder. Dun fight the fact.. jus accept that this world is unfair.
3)One day i suddenly wish that i could jus start to build cars for ppl and drive fast n pretty car which makes ppl envy at me everyday.

-Im Giving Up On Myself-

4) went McD jus now. The Green Bean Sundae SUCK SO BADLY! its so sweet!! how to eat?! i jus left it there. =/
5)I starts to become the person that makes ppl hate me.

Britney says: Gimme~ GImme~ Gimme MORE~ Gimme MORE~

6) Yea.. gimme more.. being average sucks...
7) Food is jus so nice man.. but makes me feel guilty..

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Random #1
Some how this SEM im extremly lazy. Im not doin any of my project works. i do la but bigger part r taken care by other ppl. hahaha! kinda guilty plus syok.. And then i very do tutorail work, nvr pay attention in class. Oh My~ wad a suck ass student i am. Haihz

Random #2

Nick is bac in town.... N he's SMOKING!! smoking hot n smoking..hahaha! hope u get wad i mean. anyways.. y do ppl smoke? no F*&^ brain izit? or brain damaged? i feel no shame when BANGING asses hu smokes... it show how childish u ppl are.

Random #3

HAha! i jus found a new plan to diet. i took my chair off my comp.. n now ill hav to stand... =) smart huh? hehe! steffie u cannot follow my way! i sue u for dat! XD Btw i lost 3-4 kgs after i fall sick.. Hmm... can i sick again? hahaha! crazy idea to slim. i asked wen jie will i still look nice if i bcome slim. n she said " *she said something n i forgot*" hahaha! anyways she mean yes i will. But i said if i dun den ill kill her n eat her off.. hahaha! den grow fat bac.. any idea on how to cook her? LOL

Random #4

Merdeka nite we(uni frens plus sean) DoTA fromm 11pm to 5am. Fun Fun =) but some ass name Kae Yi F^#% no balls n hav to go bac b4 morning.. or else it should end by tmr morning.

Random #5

Aaahh.. Older-Then-You_GF cool anot? i think it does ler!! hahaha! any1 agree?

~EnD~ (Enough $ Nicely Done)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

26.8.2007-12:47 -Sunday

Hmm... today is my classmate's bday(girl) got her this really nice doll(red, evil) was really excited to giv her... but now im confused... in doubts.. im so dead.







I totally dono wad im doin at all... in a bottle wit a impossible way out .(DoT)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hmm i got this fren,girl, i thinks she's kinda hot in a way. Not the wear short short type la.. kinda attractive to me. So long nvr c her d. Anyways, my point of blogging bout her is this:

She always or from time to time will tell every1 on her blog that how nice is this indian guy(my Ketua Pengawas)like "He always noe when to stand out n tell every1 off when dey went too far" or "Any girl to b his gf will b de luckiest gurl on earth" Bla Bla Bla~ and so much more.

Y is there such perfect guy living out there? n y cant i b 1 of dem? When we were in school i dun c wad so diff out of him. Jus some other guy. N y some girls jus wanna b ur fren not ur gf?

Feelings r weird man. N i dono is it a good thing to hav 1. Haihz..
Im a victim of "feelings" rite now.. But ill move on.. or may b try harder. Time will tell.
~Wish Me Luck~

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reply letter from DaimlerChrysler about that accident

Dear Mr. Phang Khai Siang,

Thank you for contacting DaimlerChrysler Headquarters in
Germany. Your concerns dated 11th August 2007 has been
forwarded to our branch in Malaysia for our attention.

We deeply regret to learn of the tragic accident reported in on 10th August 2007. We all share
the sorrow over this sad loss that the accident has caused to
the injured passengers and the deceased occupant's family.
Please be assured that Mercedes-Benz have always place
safety as a top priority and we are taking this matter very

We thank you again for your support and confidence that you
have given Mercedes-Benz over the years. Please allow us
to assure you that we have a dedicated team to serve and
cater for your needs and concerns to ensure that your vehicle
is in its top condition. Please do not hesitate to contact us
should you have any concerns regarding your vehicle.

Thank you.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen/Kind Regards,

Adeline Peng
DaimlerChrysler Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Level 48 & 49, Menara TM
59800 Kuala Lumpur


If you are not the addressee, please inform us immediately
that you have received this email by mistake, and delete it.
We thank you for your support.

Wenn diese E-Mail nicht für Sie bestimmt ist, bitten wir Sie,
uns umgehend über den irrtümlichen Empfang zu informieren
und diese E-Mail zu löschen. Wir danken Ihnen für Ihre

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Degrading World We living In

Copied from :

Friday August 10, 2007

Joyride goes fatally wrong

KUALA LUMPUR: A joyride turned tragic for four friends when three of them were killed after the Mercedes-Benz they were travelling in crashed into a guardhouse.

The car first smashed into a billboard and then into a tree before crashing through the guardhouse, in front of a luxury apartment not far from the Kampung Pandan roundabout in Jalan Tun Razak here.

It was the second incident involving a luxury car at the stretch in less than 30 hours, after a Porsche Carrera crashed and killed a passenger in the underpass there on Wednesday.

The driver of the Mercedes S350L, identified as M. Matthew Savari, 31, and passenger A. Kumaravel, 30, both worked for a private company here that uses luxury cars to carry VIP clients.

The third victim in the 5.30pm incident, Nurliana Jamal Khan, 20, was from Penang.

Front seat passenger Richard Dass Augustin, 20, suffered serious leg injuries and has been warded at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The bodies of the dead have been sent to the hospital for post mortem.

Police said the car did not belong to the driver or his passengers, who were all trapped in the car and had to be extricated by firemen.

Early on Wednesday morning, stall operator Chong Wai Hon, 23, from Wangsa Maju, died when the Porsche Carrera he was travelling in with two friends crashed in the underpass.

Passing motorists dragged the three men out of the burning car.

The driver of the car, identified as Wong Lam Kit, 23, and mechanic Chin Wai Keong, 28, have been admitted to the KLH.

They, too, had gone on a joyride in somebody else's car.

“We will investigate if they had taken the car without the permission of the owners,” City traffic police (acting traffic investigations division head) Asst Supt Rizal Abdul Rahman Sidek said.

The accident prompted SMART highway authorities to temporarily close the tunnel until 9am yesterday.

Text: The Star

Friday, August 10, 2007

1 Earth; 2 Worlds

I Cant Rmb since when i luv goin Uni too much and makes staying at home living in Hell. And then msn always ppl bz/away. Those in Aus r sleeping earlier n earlier. O.o

Hot Updates:
1) Gooji went Singapore
2) Gooji got discount 75% off his school fee; Clap! Cap! "Pround of u Gooji"
3) Im close/too close to sean lately. Good or bad ah?
4) Sean changed; Less spending.
5) Jason's "doine fine" LoL! dat day in library called his name too loud. Over excited =P
6) I got new Wallet but no1 noticed it. Unlike last time Leland sure notice 1. =(

More updates to come. do check again. Thank You.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot girls

Ha.. Found girl topic so much easier to talk about =P

1) Do u think pretty girl blog is more interesting?
No... damn sien 1 -.-!

2) Start to bond wit this hot girl in class
But i doubt dat we will get close cos she's always
wit this indian guy(nice guy)

3) Got this girl classmate is stuck to her christian club thing
Im not saying she shouldnt but dono ler.. dat makes her more bz
and giv me less time to talk to her =/

4) My lady lecturer (fresh grad) she's here to replace this guy lecturer hu cant make it for the classes for few weeks. So big diff man... de guy so damn sien but she teach so interesting + she looks prettier den him + she always happy happy face.

5) Some times ar... both sister in a family behave same same 1...
both also weird weird at times; cold now, warm later.

6) I got this fren, she a lil death 1.. so when u talk she will hav to look at ur mouth/read lips
Her eyes r so shining n light brown 1!!! 0.0 makes her looks so cute wei.. LoL
Not saying i like her - jus curious how eyes can make some1 looks so pretty.

7) Some GF r so stuck to their bf.. dono goot anot..
always wit de bf, so lil time wit gf or other guy fren
later break how ler? @.@ dono la... but if my gf lidat not bad wei ^^ but IF my gf really lidat i think ill tell her go bond wit frens more la.. for her own good

- Something interesting, cos every1 saying Wen Yee is my gf in class -.-! (sean stupid as usual) so when im around Uni rite every fren will tell me dey c wen yee at some where jus now... kinda like my tracking system- so cool^^ i did track her wit all de info ppl told me but when she dun find me means she's wit some1 else.. no point tracking also =/ -

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Talented ppl

I always dun get how talented ppl work 1 -.-! Like how Justin.T + Timbaland = Super Cun Songs 0.0 , Scoring all HDs 0.0, Super good in games/ sports 0.0 ; jealous wei

Ah~! i dono -.-!

I got nothing much to talk =/

Here a chat with my dad;
Dad: Do u noe wad day is today?
KS: Dono
Dad: -pause for a while- today's my bday
KS: 0.0 Oh~ Happy bday =)

-.-! u might think y i so bad ass riteeeeee~? Hahaha! let u tell u a story bout a lil boy

When i was a small kid rite? i got my dad a Gold Pen for his bday.
And then dat pen ended up somewhere around the house, like not wanted.
So i took the pen n use n forgets bout his bday n nvr buy him anything since den.

But i did teman him whole day go pay tax n makan. So i guess it was ok gua.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What i got to say bout Girls

It happens a few time ady.. I think i got super power...
Everytime i ask a girl " do u hav bf? =P"; girl-"Nahh, nope =)"
and after 1 month plus they will tell me "I talkign to my bf now"

Wad de shit is this... like happen 3 times d...

So girls hu really wanna noe when they gona hav a gf?
wait i ask u de magic Q
n u reply the magic answer.

other than dat.. girl do lie bout their feelings.. ALL OF THEM
they wan guys to speak out the truth but dey NVR DO.
Oh u noe wad i mean.
Girls gona b pissed after reading this but HEY! ill remind u when ur doin it to me.
It will happen!

Its that period again. where every girls acting weird cos they jus got their new bf;
being a lil colder than usual. Then later they will b warm again =/ after break up i mean.

should we really cut out all contacts with girl/guys after we got bf/gf ?
But if we dun den they will b jealous/mad rite? im confused @.@
Hope ill do the rite thing when its my turn =P

Its 3am now n the coffee jus kicked in @.@ how am i gona sleep?
plus having headache.
No1 to talk to,
No1 to miss,
No1 to share,
No 1 to hear to,
Im alone rite now.

Btw im having that period again where everything is not right,
im typing all wrong words,
cars r like mad cows on the road,
ppl r not as friendly,
songs r boring,
im always bored,
im not bonding wit ppl... girls especially =P
arrrr.... tak syok! like wad my fren say "Bo Song ler!"

Gooji also drag me along to play maple
Slowly i found dat game is not as relax as it suppose to b..
Cos the quest r like dumb 1.. so hard
wat im trying to say is im so bored till ill play such game.
Moo said "No! dun play this game! its stupid!";
"i cant believe ur playing it"

Haihz.... life JUS went well... den so so...
den bad n now worst.. wads after worst? erm.. GG =P
I so doomed!And
1 leland wit his stupid show,
2 reply so slow.
4 WenYee not well,
5 Gooji - maple(BZ)
6 Steff - Out(BZ)
7 Moo - as usual(ignore me on9)
8 Sean - bz wit his frenz(we r jus classmates)

Im pretty alone. =/

Too long ka? Oh well.. jus in de mood to talk cock ma.
Nothing much u ppl can do to help tho. its me.. jus me.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lets go garfield style

Im lazy to blog

Im too bz wit Maple

I wan cook but things r not working well

Im lazy

ZZzzz...(hey no sleeping in my blog!)

Oops! Sry..

ZZzzzz....( Sry.. Can't Help it_)

Saturday, June 30, 2007

"No Sleeping in my blog"

Like wad wenjie said"my title" so im gona make mu post short n simple.. By the way does blog has a proper format? Well im bad in following formats =P

Updates of my life as PKS:
1) Transformers ROCK MY WORLD n my chair too! =)
2)Im over doin things =/
3)My proton having period! so under power... should b emo-ing after days of hard driving.. hehehehe!
4)Ive been eating a LOTS of food man... WTH... can some 1 tie me up? PLZ?
5)i kinda start to luv holidays... n DvDs... kakakaka!
6)im no more scared to sleep alone at home overnite.
7)Sean bring me eat "fish head mee" 8 BUX ler! wtf man sean! stupid boy
8)Im fat...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fresh Thoughts In Mind

"It's time for you to turn your energy away from the things that you cannot change."
Got this "wadever u call it" from friendster. I think my horoscope is very accurate bout me cos im like right in the middle of Gemini. Remember i said something bout reading a mail in the morning and i got moody bout it? Yea.. i think wad the horoscope said is true.. cos i cant change wad dat person's thinking. So since the person wanna be that way for now then i should jus let the person b. Hav been thinking bout it since the day after finals.. but kinda forgetting it.. Its the right thing to do..

Ok now we lets talk bout something i planned to do for this holidays okay? =) Its our final
year of teenage!! Let b crazy bout it! I wanna do everything crazy thing i did for my 1st
19 years of age. Re experience again everything. For exp: Eating 3-4 roti kosong for
tea time. =P Oh! n burgers! My mum dun like me eating tea time cos later i cant
finish my dinner.. So i always kinda like eat without her noe-ing..hehehe! And..
Hmm.. Not much i've done.. I think should do more crazy things. May b try
driving 200KM/H? hahaha! I always wanna date a really hot girl(which is
not the type of girl dat ill look for as my girl fren) but jus wanna try how
it feels like to go out wit 1 =P.. Not 1 in mind yet.. but i doubt they will
go =/ Movie Marathon! And... Eat chicken drum stick like how ppl
ppl in the movies will do. Like pulling it when i bite it? hahaha!
Looks kinda cool. and make the food looks tasty =P. i wan do
drifting too.. The real drifting with a rear wheel drive.. but
where to find such car n hu gona land it to me? Haihz..

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Love Thoughts

Ha! i got ur attention with that title didnt i?!

Hav being thinking lately. Hmm..found myself really confused with everything.
I not sure i should tell wad im thinking to every1, but im telling u im confused.
LoL. This blog has no meaning at all.. Jus wanna let u feel how i feel.
But i guess i failed to do dat. Hahaha.
Nvm la... No1 can help...
Jus take it as

Well u can come and ask me up on msn. My msn very quiet lately.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wrong Start leads to Bad Story

The start of my holidays really sicks man.. Far worst den how bad it can b... Anyways.. These r things i feel like saying: (Read at ur own risk)

  • Feel like owning a Lotus (brand of a car)
  • I was checking out BMW M3 de nite b4 exam n i got table M3 de next day.
  • "1 sided relationship" / "the other who r not considerate enough" really gives u pain on de butt.
  • I suck in strategy games.
  • Ending part of NFS Carbon so hard to play la.. Siao 1.
  • Im too happy for my finals to be ended yesterday but no1 to celebrate wit.
  • Gooji is like Super Lame Ass now, wad had gone into ur head?
  • I start to learn that Cars should remain as how they r when it was out of the factory
  • Wen Jie n Pearly had changed. May b bcos when i talk to dem dey r not talking to each other.
  • Im not attention seeker, but i do wan some attention from ppl i care about.
  • I think im not as fat as i used to b.. Wad do u think?
  • Trying my best to score the best really makes me tired
  • "responsible" n "hard work" comes together. So girl dun let de guy go if u found a responsible guy.
  • I like the butt of M3.. Do u?
  • Too Many Things To Talk About... tobecontinue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

VW 750HP Golf Gti

For those hu dono how 750Hp taste like.. imagine 7 waja"s" in 1.. U count 1-4..b4 u finish counting de car reaches 100kM/H d. Tell me wad u think about it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"I Hope u noe~ I hope u noe~!" Fergie

Was listening to fergie [Big girls dun cry], nice song. Anyways, speaking of i hope u noe rite. U noe some times u do something really nice for some1 n u really want him/her to noe? but u jus cant go up to dem n say "Hey! do u i...... for u?" It will not help n kill de mood too. Well as u hav guessed i experience such things b4 -.-! n i dun think she noes till now but nvm la.. not important any more. But if u think again rite.. u might think its something very big or nice but for dem, dey didnt c de whole process of wad u hav done. De only saw de result, so its kinda hard for dem to imagine how much hard work u hav put into. Same thing apply to our parents. U think dey damn rich n u keep digging dem to get u stuff... when u starts to work den ull noe y ur parents keep saying no cos dey r not dat rich after all..

Simple math + thinking :

around 500 per month for a brand new wira; total price of a wira 40k
ur house at least 300k or more... n plus other small lil things... U need to earn 10k to b call rich ok.. No joke. N i noe ppl hu earn 30k n still suffering.
Anyways.. Let talk bout juicy n creamy stuff.. Life is jus boring to talk about.

I crazy bout cheeze, gralic, n most things from a COW.. not Moo... COW(real 1)
So to test out does all my "favorites" can come together i put both of dat + carry + egg... still taste like egg =\ SIENZ. i also heard in AUS they hav milk + Choc + Ice cream ( 100% Fatz) @.@ crazy ppl with crazy tots sending evry1 to heaven [WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!]

Ha~! enough of [ i hope u noe ] bout me.. Too much info will kill u too soon ^^ Mafia Way of Life

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Line between Love & Hate



.............You ! !

Because i don't get to talk to you & look at you in the eye anymore

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Metropolitan College (Vr.3)

Cool lerr? All pics r taken by me kay.. semua Original 1.. enjoye^^
<- Ghost Rider (Honda Civic)

<- Evo X like P.Putra
By the way, many ppl might think the owner do copy de incoming Evo X design but i think he did not la.. Cos this design was out on de road short after de Evo X was annouce..

<-i like de exhaust, better if got fire comes out =P

<- I still thinks de light thing damn cun la.. dun u?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Human - Human

There's this GIRL.. Marcus's gf. There was once she helped me to pass my project to my group mate cos i was rushing bac... BTW i dono her 1. Den after dat day, every time i saw her i was rushing (eg: it was raining n i was running, she with umbrella) so i cant stop n say "hey! thks ya dat day u helped me" -.- but i wan to say thks to her.. after a few times i feel damn shy to talk to her.. cos u noe la... few times i jus ran past her.. damn bad wei me.. haiyo.. How ler now?

here i hav 1 million dollar Q for ppl hu can answer my Q. "should i go for diet? or im jus fine how i am rite now?" Haiyo- i nvr c any guy fat+good looking.. conclusion i 1 of dem... =( haha! okay okay.. erm.. well when i c girls i also pick pretty 1 ma.. but USUALLY fat dun come wit pretty... ( but i c b4 girls big size but cute wei) but not Guys... So PPL! Tell me!!

New Human Gen interaction r mostly lost control or should i say controlled by dramas n restricted by all kinds of communication technology. Our parents Gen, dey r such daredevil dat de guys hav this super high self confident dat dey can walk to de girls makes fren.. get their no... ask dem out.. (magic happens bac den)... NOW de guys r jus diff... well im actually 1 of dem too... -.-.. sad rite.. Poor girls cant get the thrill out being chased by.. n de guys nvr experince any..
Trust me ppl... de thrill is better den race car, i wish i could experince it too...

Friday, May 11, 2007

Cyber Cafe Chick

Was playing CS in this Cafe in DJ wit sean n frenz. There was this DAMN CUN GIRL seatting jus opposite me.. hehehe! Cant stop looking at her.. Oh well.. i might c her super pretty cos i dono her yet.. but stop for a while.. think a bit.. there might b pretty girls already around u? hahaha! yea.. nothing wrong to keep looking.. jus dat dun forget bout those girls around u.. a bird in hand is better den 2 in de bush.. sonded a lil wrong there.. hahaha!! but u noe wad i mean.. Cheers~!

Lost n Found

I lost my wallet.. A sunway indian girl found it

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Ahhh.. Early in de morning it started raining already n today really feels like Friday.. Perfect! HAHAHAHA!!! except de jam was much longer den usual.

All small things dat made a great day:
1) i was suppose to b very late for class(20 minutes) but some how de lecturer was as late as me.. loL!

2) I was so crazy when playing ping-pong with sean, kenneth n pin.. Theres hell lot of fun when being crazy.

3) Played this damn cun game on Ian's laptop

4) Lunch wit Wen Yee at McD

5) Learn how to send Mail to Aus

6) n ofcos de rain.. de weather... Cooold

Ha.. Dats all i guess... de more de worst.. Does dat sound rite? O.o
Anyways.. Tried asking Telekom to send a person to come fix my house no. N do u noe how hard is dat???? jus pissed me off...

<<[[[[{{{=+=+--i got 56 for process; i jumped on sean; Telekom very dumb--+=+=}}}]]]]>>

Monday, May 7, 2007

Making life difficult

"One-Half" Who de shit created One-Half?! Bloody dig his/her bones out n burn parts by parts slowly n completely!!! Y use One-half when u can jus use HALF?! Damn those ppl hu jus luv using big words... Come on.. Y must u use some weird/uncommon words when u hav simply n easy words dat is much easier for others to understand???? ( now i remember y i hate reading )

Life's Not only making but Getting Harder n harder each day for me. I dono y i keep doin my maths wrongly.. N my brain jus dun wanna work.. I guess when u work too hard too early; ur brain will jus brake down. -.- N Where's all de holidays?! Y is assignments n exams r poping out like mad?! Oh No!!!! GRRRRrrrr..>!!!


Friday, May 4, 2007

"Wads Ur Title for This Week?"

Ha Mine is "Fully Filled Week" in short -FF Weee!- Hahahaha!! Crazy week Started with Sean, Kae Yi, Pimp, and ME skipping math tutorial bcos i cant wait for holiday to come any longer. Hahaha!! dats a very valid reason for me => n got party la, movie la, la,la,la,blah blah blah..Yup.. Dun wanna tell u wad happened.. HAHA!!

Anyways.. Some Guys r jus CHEAP... CHEAP SHIT! i spend 80bux on de BBQ.. n those cheap shit only pay me like 3-5 bux per person (only 1 paid 10) n let de girls pay 10... I wonder how big their Ballz is man~ WTH...

Life is jus boring n nothing much to tell actually.. May b there is la but its more interesting to b here n b wit me to experince it wit rather dan telling u on my blog here.. So get bac here n v will rock de whole world down once again^^

WenJie Says she hav a ear ring at her upper ear? Serious?! SHOW ME!!! Cool Cool!!! i also wan!! i Wish i was born a lil cooler look den baby face... Haihz.. oh WELL!! -No Leland is not Cool; he act 1!- =D

Oh.. Sean's SKIP de whole day on thurdays bcos Man U lost... he jus mad u noe dat... Oh n he likes this girl call curly cos she hav curly hair.. HAHAHA!!!

-AH my car broke down n is damn cool how i drive it bac from subang; so proud of myself!-

Friday, April 27, 2007

Unlucky Dayz

Im sure every1 hav heard b4 dat every1 will hav ups n downs. Well when ur happy u jus take it wit no Qs ask but when ur having de worst n keep complaining. Well im not saying dat im special but im having my worst few days of my life~! But some how im not Mad bout it.. jus a lil unhappy bout it. As u should noe if u hav read my previous posts..Plus today i jus got rasuah by polis n some1 crush onto a tree while im having mamak. Both happens is 1 hour time in TTDI. Sad~

Oh well.. im not completely unlucky.. There r things happening to me dat im very happy about^^ so ill jus take it as a return for all de nice things.

Dat day mamak i saw limae has a ear ring on her... higher part of her ear. hahaha! does dat make sense? anyways.. i jus wanna say its damn cool to hav it^^ but she's a Doc.. Wad a lala-Doc wei -.-! hahaha!

Lately Yong Pimp Keep Asking "y u so emo" to so many ppl n also "Smile a lil la" so every1 hu r not smiling... So some how it jus make me wanna make ppl happy.. or jus simply giv ppl a smile n automaticly dey will smile bac => N Vimal n de group(which we gona break it up d cos v jus finished out final lab report) keeps making lame jokes which r really fun. hahaha! He's jus damn good at it la..

- I guess ppl start to find my blog boring; jus like how i feel bout ppl's blog =P-
- Sry i cant make de diff to hav a nice blog, im jus another normal kid -

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Giv a lil, Ask for Hell lotz more

I hav been a good boy, trying to study everyday but i always ended up sleeping. But now i find it useful cos when i wake up at 11 or 12 i can start studying wit 100% focus. So try waste a lil time n gain more later^^. it might work de same way for u.

Sean was like late for 2 hours today n he suppose to.. "oops! cant tell u yet!" hahaha! AnyWays. Y do most of de guys(n now girls too) get so addict to football??? I jus dun get it u noe.. its like if dey win or lose wad de hell it hav to do wit u?! therefore i jus take every Ballz addict to be a gambler. Cos dats de only reason i can think of, If not den go to sleep ppl.

[2 ears n 1 mouth] I think God should make it 2 ears n mouth cos I JUS DUN LIKE PPL NOT ANSWERING ME! im not sure is tat ass is jus dun like me or wad. Some ppl jus hav prob noticing me talking to dem. I used to hav prob disturbing class; cos i speak loud + alot. So i was a happy lil kid when i was like 7-12. Den i started to speak a lil softer n less but den another prob pops out. Haiyo... i think ill jus slap dat fellow b4 i start talking -.-

-Jus killed a mosquito cos it bite me like so many times {Pay back} -

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Experience is The Best Teacher

My happy day started goin out for dinner wit WenYee at BBQ plaza, Den Meeting wit MingWei, Vimal, Joanna, and 1 nice guy from CF. Then i tot my Day was coming to an end so i decided to go friendster to hav a drink. DEN! yes.. Den.. while i was in de car wit my cousin happily chatting. ! damn ass lousy driver hu dono how de f*ck he sucked until lidat. bang-ed my car. no big damage but my heart is broke. I MADE a huge mistake of letting him go n contacted him later. He wanted to pay but he's company has this stupid policy dat no employee should ever settle accident under table. den de story goes long n long.. no body borders noe-ing.

Anyways.. come bak to ma-happy-day. I jus notice lame jokes r getting better n better to laught at as we grow older. Dats explains y i was so annoyed when listening to elders speaking jokes. Looks like im getting der too... Shits!

WenYee enjoyed her soup in BBQ plaza SOOOOooooo...... much! which shocked me a lil cos i always tot dat she dun like to drink soup..hahaha!! oh well.. i guess im wrong. Den we go look around n she showed me her wit hair bend.. hahaha!! her face becomes SO LONG WEI! hahaha! cant say looks better anot... equally la... but i still cant take it she's wearing skirt. Dun worry.. ill get use to it.. (Wen Yee! Making changes are good! keep it up!)

Now im trying something dat i guess leland had been doin for yrs. De art of sleeping at random time. hahaha! its kinda good in a way dat i can do things like study.. write blog(like rite now) n stuff late at nite while still can get up next morning. Cool dun u think?? hahaha! i hated sleeping all de while.. so i guess this is a way out for me.

Another thing is... my hands r very (gatal)"i cant spell it in eng" u noe sunway now r having mini pc fair at de foryer? Everytime i pass dat area when those shops r close i feel like stealing dem!! oh gosh... ppl safe me b4 i do it. cos those items r like hang on de air.. jus dat r u goin to grap it or not. haihz.

-sry if there r parts u dun understand, my hands r slower den my brain-

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The more u noe, De more u dun noe

I got dat title from TV. A guy hav been traveling for he whole life n he said it. N Leland said it too in his blog =P. Well i tot ma-blog was kinda cool, u noe, black n white + blue a lil, much like classic deff of "COoL" Hehe. Well.. now i feel there much more cool blogs out der but im not gona copy urs.. dun worry.. im not a pussy.

Life's changing n im not realizing it. The reason i said it was bcos de feeling i had this morning after my process system analysis. I did all de Qs, i can do dem BUT i dono there r correct anot. Back in those days i am very sure dat am i gona score anot.. i can even cout my marks b4 it is being marked. But it makes life more interesting dun u think? wit condition dat my parents stop asking me to score like mad den.. Yea i enjoye it..

Speaking of changing. I almost break down when i was having Physics tutorial. I only notice dat i did not "NAil" de subject but i nail my own brain when im having de class. Wad im trying to say is i actually do not understand as much as i tot i do. But by de end of de class i do understand everything(after asking a few Qs).. In de process of saving myself from break down i did told myself emotion r for ppl hu got nothing much to do for dat moment, lets put it aside n start asking dat botak head some Qs. N dats how i safe myself.

-Any mistake made on ma-blog were done in purpose-

Monday, April 23, 2007

Create your own Friend Test here

Sudden Strike Of Moodyness

Was on de bed reading, den suddenly i feel something deep down in my heart very annoying. So ar, i went out for a "ride" n a BMW X5 almost cause me an accident. @%!@!%@%!

Okayz.. Back to my Updates:

Sean, Kae Yi, Me, Salva, Yong Pim went for lunch:

Yong Pim was complaining dat he group mate is not doin any work n he's damn angry wit it. So i told him " U fuck him through de phone la!. Ah~Ah~AahhH~!(sound of having sex)" Hehe! n every1 was laughing crazy-ly n our perv convo started from there. N Sean actually do not noe wads G-Spot. Go get a book sean!

2] Oh i had a bad dream too.. So ass man. So many times i dream of ghosts d chasing me some more. -.-! I think is bcos i wacthed Super Natural b4 i went to sleep.. dats y. N for those hu r wondering, Yes. Im scared of ghosts.

3] Ha! de repond for ma-blog so good wei~! not bad- But ar// how to put de convo thing like evry other blog has ar?? n how to put photos in ma-blog ler?? aiyo- so complicated! i cr8-ed blog cos i tot its pretty easy to use ( 1 of de reason is bcos i saw wenjie's blog damn cool wit de blah-blah-back-sheep)

4] WenYee sent me de song 'face down' n i only noe dat i had dat song like Yrs ago after i hav DL-ed it. Sry la i potong... I nvr rbm names 1.. dats y i dono de song - Dat is also y some time i hate myself so much for did not ask de pretty girl i jus talked to for her name. AIKZ!

Note: My Mood was spoiled y so many things today or i might hav a better blog. Sry =<

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Repost: Testing testing

Yo~Yo- Haiyo.. i Ter-deleted my blog u noe; so im writing 2nd/1st blog now.. hahah~!

Erm.. i was saying.. 1st-ly i wanna shoot out to Ma-Frenz in Aus "Hey. Do miss us in M'sia n we do miss us Guys; at least i am la ^^"

So here comes my update:

1] 1st Sem is like coming to an end already, all tests n exams r pop-ing up like mushrooms ><>

2] Limae finally noes hus de Hot girl i was telling her jus yesterday n dey both r in med school oh monash M'sia!! She was dying to find out hu n without noe-ing she's jus next to her. HAHA~! such a small world man

3]To those hu may concern bout me.. Im am having some light die-t here. HAha~! hope it works..dun plan to go bones la btw.. so ull still get de round round me.. may b over shape la.. haha~! we will c la.

4] finally i can study by myself without listening to my lecturer, COOL RITE?! haha! find it cool cos i can skip classes now.. hahaha!! HuRAy! " How de hell u spell huray? 0.o?"

Okayz... dats bout it b4 u scream "Ur u F*ck-Ing Boring la!" so ill jus stop here =P Take care ppl~