Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, February 12, 2010

[With Him-BabyFace]

Lately i really don't go out much, frequency of twice a week? Hardly speak to any1 except my parents and this could be the reason why lately I have the mood to write on this blog. Well I also very often will talk to myself b4 I go to sleep. I guess writing on blog doesn't make much of a difference from that.

Lately I really noticing the passion, love or craziness that I have for food. I do not dare to say I am "Pro" in this field of Culinary or FnB, in fact I really think I'm not any whr close to being a Pro. I just so crazy over food. For example, about 2 hours ago, my parents and I were at the shopping mall and we were discussing where to eat after we leave that place. When we were leaving, the parking lot were jammed up. Just before we successfully escape from the Parking Lot, my mum said "I think we better not go "there" to eat, so jam". So we then decide to eat Bak Kut Teh which is on the way back home, when we reached there, they again cancel the plan. Repeating potong my Stim to eat really piss me off. I'm seriously pissed, for what? I dono. I also notice that during/after my meal I will become a much MUCH happier person. Very noticeable change of mood. Actually I don't think such behavior is bad for reason being
1) I'm easy to please(consistent too)
2) Food is universally acceptable and pleasing
the list goes on and on

Food is a Friend, a Pain Killer, a DRUG.... Killing me slowly and happily.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"gonna make gonna make gonna make it make it mine"

The title is just a line from [Jason Mraz-Make it mine] that i heard while I was staring at the monitor thinking what to write. Feelings are very, close to impossible to express them exactly in words. I just got back from the cinema after dropping off a friend. Once I've reached home, I sat alone in the car while watching the rain drops that fell on my car's windscreen. That feeling that i had was so relax and calm.

I like to watch the rains falls, I can still remember clearly the day that I spent an hour watching rain fall during SPM period. That 1 hour gave the strength to continue on to fight for exam. But the love didn't last long because at the same time I just started driving. People say do not drink and drive, I say it is worst to Rain and Drive. The obvious reason for me to say it is because my very 1st car accident that I had was because of Rain/West Road which leads to aqua plane to build up. So when the 2 things that I like comes together I got to choose only 1 of them. Naturally I chose to hate the rain but I do hope that more often that I could enjoy a good rainy day. Rainy days that I could just sit and relaz whie watching time and people to go pass me. I must say this is not the most exciting thing to do in life but sometimes little things like this will recharge a person's life to do something greater at later time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In Love

"What is In Love? What is Falling In Love?" Questions like these are the kind of questions that I asked myself a lot of times since God knows when. When i ask those who "had experience", most of them will say some thing like these:
1) Will miss him/her a lot(daily)
2) Will want to spend a lot of time with him/her
3) Will do a lot of things to make him/her happy.

etc etc.

If these are the definitions of Love, there was once a person that im willing to do all that for her. But, very unfortunate that back then I have to place studies in 1st place. Right now she is so far away from me and she gave her heart to some1 else. Once i was so crazy about her and waited for her to wake up outside of her house for hours. That's something that I might not do to some other girls any more. Im just so tired of this Love Game. Its too much competition to stay focus, too complex to be any fun. All I wanted to do is to be with her and Love her. Even if we do not speak a word or make a sound, to be with her and spend time together is all that i ask for. Knowing that she is safe and happy is such a great feeling.

Well the truth is it wasn't really that picture perfect, there are things that she do sometimes really irritates me. But think back about them makes me laugh some times. Not sure if she have much memories of me really. Cos it was really a 1 way traffic, I didn't really tell her that i like her also. But she is a very smart girl i must say, Im sure she knew it long ago edy. There are things that I did that was very obvious actually. I only wish that she liked me back then, but i doubt it. She is always the "high demand" girl, just like a magnet, a very attractive 1. At least I knew a few got attracted strongly, Im one of them ofcos.

Some times she's a bit dumb dumb lidat, (haha!) she's so cute and irritating at the same time. May be that is the reason why is she so attractive. Like a little girl, feel like protecting her from the world. Deep in me i know she don't need any protections, but she tend to open herself up and get hurt by her bf. May be its an effect carried forward by the previous relationship with another boy. Hope she doesn't hurt herself by her current bf anymore.

Why am i writing this? I'm not in desperation to get into a relationship. But it could be a good thing to have a girl to love and to be loved. I get a bit confused some times in the topic of Love. Hope I will find The One soon to spice up my life a bit. =)