Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am Standing Still

You the feeling;

There's a box in front of u, the choice of opening it or not will change your life forever. Like i always say, it leaves a mark in life. Any choice will change your life to Very good or Very Bad and there's no way of telling which will be it. Here I am, standing still. So afraid to make a move. I really need guidance.

I would normally ask my mum what to do, but I have 50% guess that she will say "No". If that's her really answer than it might be a lil heart breaking for me. I'm not sure if such chance will appear again in the future, and i also not sure if this is my best chance.

It feels like walking into darkness, not knowing what's on the other side of it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Steffie and Jia Yeng talking thru msn

Haha! hope any1 of u 2 will see this.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

twisted ankle

twisted my ankle when i was playing basket ball. Chong Hong told me i step on the ball, which i total hav no clue of. So.... DAMN the ball..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Chocolate Feeling

Just finish watching a HK love show, [我的最爱]. Its very nice. and after watching im having this Chocolate Feeling. No not that love feeling.

Its more of that very good feeling but at the same time you noe each bite u take its gona kill you slowly. Well i cant have too much sugar, thats y its killing me if i take choc.

Anyways. Check out that movie. Lots of chicks too. =)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm back

Long time no write something here on my scribbling board.

So What Do i Have to SAY? haha.

I bought a new pair of shoe! it's call, NIKE lava Dome CI.

Yeaaa... Awesome rite? U might think its weird but wait till u see it. Wuhuuu~ Some how i feel great wearing it to school, makes me feel like i've upgraded in some way. LOVE IT.

Anyways, enough trying to make u understand how i feel. Yesterday I went check out Monash BlackBoard and DL-ed a few lect videos. The videos are dead boring! but damn good as compared to stupid lecturer who teaches in sunway. i guess i'll try this video thing, may b i will score better this time. =)

Lately i im so bored, still waiting my dexter season 3 ( should b getting them this afternoon).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

20/07/09, 0115

Few more hours later will be my 1st day in Uni for a brand new semester. My results for last sem same as the sem before. Shocking. Way far from what i expected to have. I believe i worked hard enough to get what i expected(can't say the same for my last subject) but turns out to be different. I'm on the Giving Up Mood now, not sure what to fight for anymore. But that's not fair to my parents to work even hard than me to pay for my fees.

I think i really need a change, but the usual me also fail to change much. Not only when those times which all went so smoothly for me. >.< Want to complain to someone but no one could actually help but myself. =/

Tony Stark says: "World peace is when you having a bigger stick than others"
I say: "Life is when you have a bigger and a more shinning stick than others"
What is life when there is no money and power?

Friday, July 3, 2009

A lovely morning to start a day

A nice morning i'm having rite now. Dl-ed lots of MJ songs. Just wanna say MJ, RIP.

Anyway, I wanna know what could make a nice morning for u.
1) A box of Choc Milk (AWESOME!)
2) A nice bowl of noodle (I like Pork Noodle)
3) Woke up with nice music playing

Have a nice morning every1

Monday, June 8, 2009

The World is a Stage, and We all Have a Roll to Play. WAIT! PAUSE!

Last Friday, went down stairs to have a break after from studying. I was just in time to catch this documentation call "Home". Another show about global warming. I really like it, i like this kind of things. Then I started to think, people always say that a boy will one day grow into a man some day. A man who is responsible and mature. But if u know the seriousness of damages caused by human in such short time, and the damage is increasing exponentially, it make me feel that almost no one on earth is a man. Why do we wait until the damage is so serious then only we start to react.

=/ Everything we learn in school are all base on selfishness. Because we want to live a comfortable life, that's y we research, we discover. We are making this world a worst place to be in while we hide in our beautiful 4 by 4 cube chilling on air-con, eating food that we do even know whats in it. Think about it im actually part of it. Feel like changing but my head keeps telling me the air-con is jus so damn good. McD is jus too awesome to let go.

Hmm... a few more days to 21. I guess its better i stay as a boy when I still have the chance. Think about all these later in life. XD (alien's gona come and hunt me)

To watch the documentation pls click HERE(on youtube, HD)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


(Picture from

Hehehe. Just watched Angels and Demons yesterday, loved it as much as Da vinci Code. But want i found very amazing the this "illuminati" Ambigrams. First of all, the whole story behind this word (according to the story) is a group of scientist coming together, contributing to the growth of technology, well im an engineer. Second, you can read it the same way up or down.


Anyways. About the "Rome will be consumed by light" thing. I really thought it was true, cause E=mC^2. hahaha. But I just googled it and it says that its not TRUE! In fact a CERN official pointed of that they had produce lots of antimatter and their power are almost same as a firecracker. HAHa. Disappointed very very much. Im sure i have seen illuminati words before, never noe its that cool.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I hate sundays, not because mondays got class or anything. Even during holidays i will get headache during sundays. someone explain?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

12/04/2009 0245

Its been a long time since the last time i saw u. Wonder how have u been. Late at night before going to bed suddenly i though of U. But then i told myself its useless even if ur still around. So much i miss you means nothing if u dun even remember me. Even whn ur around, i dun get much attention from u cos ur always thinking bout some1 else. A thousand words i wanted to tell you, feelings i want to share with you but there's never a chance i can do all that. So i just wanna say

"Hey, how are you? Hope you are happy. I really miss you"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Girl + Camera = ???

Wads with girls and their camera these days?? i mean those weird looking 70s-80s cameras. @.@ and wad Polaroid Thingy..?????

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wad i did last... hour

I ask yp to:
go to sean yii and tell him "bitch!"
but sean's down stairs so he too lazy to go down.

So i ask sean to:
go up stairs, yp got things to tell u. cannt say thru msn.

SO i tot my evil plans was goin fine. But in fact dey did all those mombo jambo thru msn. =.="

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once again

Once again i feel childish.

i Tot ive grew to a man, a man who nobody worries about, dependable. I guess dats not so true after all. I starts to crack when pressure builds up. I cant resist fun for work. I forget and ignore serious things i need to do for stupid things like sleeping, games and movies. I spend more den i could collect each month. I choose to fool around in class for PSP and iTouch when i noe this SH1T infront of me is so important to learn. I have bind my stuff and its already week 3. i Say yes to promises when i dun feel like keeping dem.

Feel so tired

But having breaks increases my burden.

I work harder, but no strength to go on.

I stuck in the middle like a beef petty in between carl's jr burger. Only way out is to bite and shallow.

I wish to have a mate or some1 close to share with. But im forbiden to have 1.

Hmm... I wish i can have a "care free card" from GOD for a day for me to eat all i could to cheer the hell up from inside out. I want carl's jr burger dat doesnt make me fatter dan i alrdy is. I want drink my favourite soya milk till i drop. I wish to share all my joy and fun with family and frens , not forgetting a special 1. How i wish.. I Wish and hope, even only jus a dream will satisfy me for now.


Ive taken in more den i can chew

Its nice to be able to help people. But it gets irritating when u r bz with ur own stuff but u had promised ppl to do things. damn~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My new phone.

My phone ROCKS HARD! until.....

The screen protector trap dust a little, i tot of fixing it and now is worst den ever.

i keep pushing it in and out of the "box/protector(ori)" now the screen part of it is getting lose.

whn i load songs in it will detect double or some even triple @.@

MSN cannot work.

Battery life only 1.5days per full charge (with usage of musics and such)

Some "digital momentum" all round (laggy la)

Conclusion: its good, not good enuf. value for money.

Wad is this?

Any guess wad is this?

Highlight here to see answer --> Wood dust sucker! (vacuum)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A Hug? =)


Anyone knows Koda Kumi? yea-yea, she's fake, she went through some process. WTV. She got problem(s), She fixed it. Logic enuf to me.

I hope anyone of you seaching for the meaning of SEXY. This is your FREAKING ANSWER. Go search for Koda Kumi-Juicy. SOme might find it sexual(that is why you cant find it on youtube) but this is what i feel how sexy should be. Show of skin but all just rite, does not show for "show" but it does feel sexy.

Wait.. call 999 for backup.

Link:Soft Version(Sorry guys, this is the soft version. The one I have is WAY SEXIER)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To: (you)

To: Dear (You)

I want. I hope. I tried. I know once before we had this (thing) between us and I should have save it back then. Now i know its all too far too late. I've tried, but i tried too hard. It could be because of I've tried it too hard that kills it. I should have followed the flow, slowly, safely, sail into your heart.

You too said all you want is to be a friend. I know that is not true. I know you didn't truly mean it that way. Blames on me for trying too hard, but i did hope you too at least try. You know I'm always there for you, but you treat me as more of a guarding phantom(invisible) than a friend.

All i can hope for right now is a hug, a kiss on the face, or at least a friendly greetings from you now and then. True greetings from your heart, but not a call or sms calling me for help when you need me, and back to his arms again after. I wish you happy, wishing you able to find a guy better then me, or someone suits you and makes you happy.

From: (me)

Haha! How was it? good? emo? please drop some comments.
I bought a key chain for her, she said (something, cannot tell) then i berried it some whr... comes to think of it, whr have it berried it o.O?
I wrote this while listening to Techno(Bo0m bOoM Bo0M), ofcos thinking of some1 too. But that was long ago. =) Cheers!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Empty" Thick PhoneBook

I Was goin thru the phone book at 1.34a.m looking for some1 to entertain me. With friends went over aus for the past 72 hours, most of the numbers are useless for now. valid but unusable numbers.


Some1 sleeps late and goes out late at nite? (not clubing and shits la.) Jus yam cha or meet a fren. T.T

Friday, February 13, 2009


I had an argument with my sis last month. It was something about me not able to go oversea while both of em' went to aus and UK. Is unfair to me simply because (i think) i score better, i work harder and here i am. Monash Sunway. Not exactly what my parents promised me. They had what they were promised.

After the argument she went and told my mum about it. She came and talk to me about it (clearly, im extremely unhappy with it, at the same time i know they cant afford it.). I clearly explain myself again i am not demanding to go oversea. i am jus feeling unfair about it. Just a moment ago she came and say "lets go monash now, we apply for exchange." So i said "Halfhearted, go away!"

I continue with my computer games and ignored her.

(both my siblings went aus n UK under transfer, 1 went for 2 years, 1 more currently middle of his 1st year. What they are asking me to go is Half a Year. Still HALFHEARTED. I dun like it)

Be in my shoe be u start giving me lectures.

Proton Satria Neo CPS

Changed dimensions for better handling.
Leather Seats.
Wind Tunnel Test Rear Wing(Spoiler)
I Dono bout u guys. This could be a Protong, but its so yummy! The Looks @.@ The Rims T.T
This is so my 1st Car. Soon.. u jus wait.
(Pictures are taken from

Thursday, January 29, 2009

U thnk ur the 1st? Thnk again.

I once tot my idea was new, 1st of its kind jus because ive nvr seen or heard of it b4. The story goes something like this.

The company i work in for internship uses lots of bearings and i must say their design doesn't change much since it was launch ages ago. Efficiency comes to my mind(influence by every1 goin green i guess). My mind run wild again whn im bored. I ended up with this,:-


Dun go WOW jus yet, or u alrdy tot of it(or heard of it).
i told myself this idea is great, start to have some idea of to achieving it. Then today, i had a chat with de Ang Mo(White guy) from my company bout design. He is part of de RnD/Designing team of the company back in UK. Some whr in de middle of our conversation i asked him, "is thr such thing call air bearing?" and he went"yea, thr is. for precison machines." Deep down my heart i went"What?! are u serious?! Who is this guy thnking the same thing as me?"

Thr u have it. If u too tot ur de 1st, thnk again. I will go check it out more bout this air bearing later. Comes to thnking about it, this earth we have had lived for thousands of year(history recorded) some many diff people from diff backgrounds diff life diff part of the world. Have u every tot:-

"Will one day the world is dry from fresh ideas?"

That should be DOOMS day if thr is such a day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nestle, Milo

I believe all of u who call yourself Malaysian had drank Milo b4, and should agree with me that milo is part of us. In short MILO = the drinks for Malaysian.


From what i taste and also feedback from people around me, Milo taste not as good as it used to be(5-8 years ago). I even stop drinking milo for a while cause i feel a Teh Ais or Kopi Ais taste better than it. Unfortunately, since 1st day of my intern i stop eating breakfast(again) and the only drinks suitable for morning is hot milo. I must say it taste very the bad. 2 HUGE table spoon for a cup and it still doesnt taste as rich as it used to be.

One morning(with a cup of milo in hand) i was so angry that this milo sucks so badly compared to last time, so i went to nestle website and complained to them about how i feel bout this Iconic drinks of ours. Good news is, they called me back.(luckily i left my phone number.) So they asked me a few questions and i reply them truthfully. They also told me why the taste is different from ages ago.(No. Not cut cost or cut ingredients as wad ppl say or thnk). They did it for the good of Malaysians. they added healthier things into it and putting less sugar into it.

But i told them, Yes dey r doin de right thing but de wrong way(at least dun spoil the taste). So they say they will thnk about it and try to do something on it(ofcos final decision will still base on majority vote from the company).

So thr u go. A grown up company working each day for the goodness of the people. Our royalty are repaid. Bravo nestle.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Changes as u grow older

I've changed a bit since de last time i rmb wad i told myself hu i was. (not physical change ofcos, im still fat, yes yes, will try do something bout it)

Well the "me" rite now is:-
1) for the 1st time i feel "it's ok" to not do anything but surf the web during work(hehehehe!)
2) i Still [L.O.V.E] cars Sooo Much, but i'm giving up on thinking how to modify cars cause its like feeding ur cars with drugs. 1st u take it, it feels nice but also killing it softly(not so soft but.. killing it anyways)
3) i got a new crush, i freaking love AUDI(the four rings, =) BMW are for cocks, Merc are for old cocks (hehehehe!)
4) i love my family more each day.
5) Starts to love sleeping, i cant get enuf of sleeping these days. im sleeping earlier and earlier each day(i was asleep at 8.30p.m yesterday till 7 this morning) O.O nvr happen to me b4.
5) My standard P.Wira can go up to 440km or more per tank(40 liters) beat that. ^^
6) i start to hate ladies for a bit rite now. Its always u, nvr me. ..zzZZ Now its a revolution! its me and u time.
7) i drive so slow these days ..zzZZ i enjoy driving with McD breakfast in hand. SO SYOK! WuHoo!
8) I have no time to caught up with frens.
9) Its been long time since i walk into McD (Drive Thru got la)
10) Whn was last supper? O.o

Enuf la.. think u also bored with me edy. Anyways. Love u all. Big hug