Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm back

Long time no write something here on my scribbling board.

So What Do i Have to SAY? haha.

I bought a new pair of shoe! it's call, NIKE lava Dome CI.

Yeaaa... Awesome rite? U might think its weird but wait till u see it. Wuhuuu~ Some how i feel great wearing it to school, makes me feel like i've upgraded in some way. LOVE IT.

Anyways, enough trying to make u understand how i feel. Yesterday I went check out Monash BlackBoard and DL-ed a few lect videos. The videos are dead boring! but damn good as compared to stupid lecturer who teaches in sunway. i guess i'll try this video thing, may b i will score better this time. =)

Lately i im so bored, still waiting my dexter season 3 ( should b getting them this afternoon).

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wen said...

how was dexter season 3?