Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brother in Uk

Oohh... My bro went UK yesterday n arrived today.
Now the room is all mine. the house left 3 of us again. =/

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The "Wow" Moment

Well all guys check girls out loud or silently, and im sure girls do too rite? But its that split second the moment u see that girl and u go "Wow" XD yeaaa... i noe u noe wad i mean. The weird thing is, honestly, i check girls out everyday but i jus nvr get bored of doin it =P

Theres many diff types of girl around, but there's this type of girl that i rarely see. Imagine this:-
1) She's about 5-8"
2) Pretty(not bitchy) or Cute(mostly cute type)
3) Not Slim( she's not fat. She has de shape and figure but not those thin thin kind. Leland should noes XD rmb de cute girl i always told u during taylors =P)

The feeling i have whn i see 1 is like chicken drum stick. They are a lil fat and oily But the tastes is EXPLOSIVE! and the meat is succulent =P HAHAHAHA! Yea.. weird. But u should noe de love i hav for food. OMG la... i tell u.. perfect XD

Btw not all guys like the show The Mummy XD abit of meat is nice =)
Let ur imagination runs wild for now. hehehe~ Hav Fun
* i would love to post a few photos to show but later i kena sue den i susah =/

Something That I Wanna Say

I was talking to my dad this morning, telling him that how bad the fuel consumtion of my wira is. So then my mum joined in and we tot that if we get a new car (eg.The New Saga) then may be we could save a few hundred off our monthly bill. The reason is because my wira is doin 10+kMs per liter n car of my spec should do about 12kMs per liter in average. Thats actually alot of diffence.

Based on wad proton claims is dat de saga can go 16kMs per liter(Wow isnt it?) the car jus fit our equation perfectly. So we happily went proton show room to hav a look and chat with de sales person. We were told dat de saga practically can only go 10.2kMs per liter. Thats as bad as my wira!!! i thnk its worst cos saga is 1.3, lighter, NEW but my wira is OLD, 1.5 and heavier. the whole world went crashing dwn... =(((

Then we went and look for alternatives. non of them fits wad we want. So guess ill hav to use my old wira for another few yrs. i tot proton is growing up, but instate they r rolling bac.. Shame On You