Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Car Food

This V-Power thing had went on selling for very long edy but nvr ever hav de chance to tell every1

It Works!!

It does work... ive tested n felt it... great fun... like 1.5 to 1.6 lidat... not bad.. hahaha!
Dats for shell... n do note dat v-power doesnt hav the extra kilometer thingy... *if it works*

Got tricked by lousy Trick

We went to medan jus now for dinner after studies... and i played a dumb trick on this girl name jia yeng(sry if spell ur name wrongly) n this is how it went

Sean: The chicken chop here not bad.

JiaYeng(JY):Really? Where's chicken chop(on the menu)

Garfield:There. Pork is Chicken(point on the menu)

JY:Oh~ (*look at the list of pork*) HUH?! nola!

*The funny part here is she actually believed me for a second dat pork is chicken XD, that feeling is jus so funny man! LOL*

Jus a simple thing can create great fun. Hahahaha! i guess she had too much studies jus now. Hehehehe! study bad for health.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Feel it inside.. its here again

Hmm... feeling it again... its there~ inside me ><

Hahaha! its de feeling of lonelyness...

dun u feel it??

every1 stop msg-ing u...

they also stop REPLYING u...

they dun go mamak anymore...

they dun gossip anymore...

btw... i went fetch my bro this afternoon.... i got all YELLOW colour traffic lights man.. ALL!! every single TL den i went through are yellow!!! and ofcos.. i didnt make it for all... aiks... must b some ass from control center making a fool out of me.. DAMMIT


Saw a nerdy looking girl in friendster hu is my fren's fren. The real her not so nerdy actually.. Alcohol and parties.. yea yea.. dat kind... -.-"

Anyways... Nerdy Looking Girl Can Be HOT T00!! *Clap! Clap!*

Friday, October 12, 2007

Unlucky Day

Ah.. On 11-10-07

The day started by some1 calling me go CC and i did went. the fellow say AC.. n it was kinda late cos later we having tute.. so i jus park at asia cos by top ill be parking for an hour plus. So dats fine.. 2 bux. Guess wad. they r at JS.. so far away! Zzzz... so i walked there n having all fun.. N yup we skiped tute dat day.. again.

Then the all smart sean ask "want dinner tonite wit wen yee? for her bday.." im so ass broke n n dinner.. but fine la.. go la.. *at this point my car is still in asia after hours*

so we decided to go bac uni to finish off assignments and we did. I was fetch by sean to uni *which means my car still in asia* so wait till 7pm for dinner. saw JUSTIN in uni.

dinner went all crazy cos we hav a very Un-deciding guest. Had my very 1st Soya Bean ice-cream... taste jus like Soya Bean.. *My car still in asia*

about 10.. we left.. Wen Yee say "arent we goin for cs?" so we head to asia cos dats de 1 and only place she wanna go.. dono y... all great memories i guess... but no place.. fine lor... go home..

SO i walk to my car... saw the wheel was not lock *phew* so i got in.. start the car.. was a lil rush cos some1 waiting for the place... "EH? y the car weird weird 1? cannot move 1?" hit the gas harder... it moved... but its for sure weird... the *BANG!* i hit the car behind with no ppl inside..."Oh Gosh~ wad is this..." quickly drive off... the i heard exploding sound!... so i got down check.. nothing ahhh....

get in the car.. drive off... car sliding 1 side... oh shit... flat tyres... AAAHHH... fucking asia cafe... CD fuck... paid u fucking much on everything n this is wad i get... went to near by housing area... changed the tyre wit no proper tools... when i was about to finish... this aunty came n ask "im sry.. do u mind helping me?" im like "for?" "oh im rushing to KLIA n i lost my wallet BLA BLA BLA~" Wad fuck is this? reject cannot... dun reject... confirm BS 1 la... diu!

But there was once this lil form 2 girl told me... by helping u did a good thing... for him/her to cheat is their sin... using ur kindness to cheat.. BIGGER SIN... fine la.. she asked for 20 i gave 10.. i say ur saga can make it 1 la..

went bac... bathe... on comp... sleepy.. went sleep....

next morning go check the tyre.. the air of it was released only... ZZzz... wad fuck... paid 2 bucks for service.. find no holes.. change de tyre bac... drove of...

WAD AN EXPERIENCE>>> Asia.. u bastard.. i cant believe u man... wait till u get to hell den ull pay...

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Funny video!

Here a link to this ultra funny video of a cadet dancing. MUST WATCH

Saturday, October 6, 2007


i think im in deep trouble. Do u hav any idea how ive been driving lately?? Well.. dangerous enough to keep me thinking wad i jus did was extremely wrong. Kinda addictive 1 u noe.. when u start doin all those criss crossing with those speed. =/

Jus notice britney say "Its britney, BITCH. " not babe... hahaha! *its from her new song*

I used to do a lot of thinking bac when i was in high skol. Jus luv to figure of how things work. But lately wad i do is checking out girls walking pass n do useless things like go CC few times a week even when tests and exams r jus around the corner. feeling uselss...

Ah~ too sleepy to think rite now... all i wan is go out! but no body is asking me out.. so sad ='(

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life Till Now

Life SO FAR:

1) i was complaining that i've worked too hard last sem mainly because i wan to beat sean but as for now i've been relaxing all de way and now im stack with my studies cos im so far behind.
2)i slowly notice when ur not as good as some body, no matter how hard u try to win that person, u will end up learning the lesson harder. Dun fight the fact.. jus accept that this world is unfair.
3)One day i suddenly wish that i could jus start to build cars for ppl and drive fast n pretty car which makes ppl envy at me everyday.

-Im Giving Up On Myself-

4) went McD jus now. The Green Bean Sundae SUCK SO BADLY! its so sweet!! how to eat?! i jus left it there. =/
5)I starts to become the person that makes ppl hate me.

Britney says: Gimme~ GImme~ Gimme MORE~ Gimme MORE~

6) Yea.. gimme more.. being average sucks...
7) Food is jus so nice man.. but makes me feel guilty..