Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, April 27, 2007

Unlucky Dayz

Im sure every1 hav heard b4 dat every1 will hav ups n downs. Well when ur happy u jus take it wit no Qs ask but when ur having de worst n keep complaining. Well im not saying dat im special but im having my worst few days of my life~! But some how im not Mad bout it.. jus a lil unhappy bout it. As u should noe if u hav read my previous posts..Plus today i jus got rasuah by polis n some1 crush onto a tree while im having mamak. Both happens is 1 hour time in TTDI. Sad~

Oh well.. im not completely unlucky.. There r things happening to me dat im very happy about^^ so ill jus take it as a return for all de nice things.

Dat day mamak i saw limae has a ear ring on her... higher part of her ear. hahaha! does dat make sense? anyways.. i jus wanna say its damn cool to hav it^^ but she's a Doc.. Wad a lala-Doc wei -.-! hahaha!

Lately Yong Pimp Keep Asking "y u so emo" to so many ppl n also "Smile a lil la" so every1 hu r not smiling... So some how it jus make me wanna make ppl happy.. or jus simply giv ppl a smile n automaticly dey will smile bac => N Vimal n de group(which we gona break it up d cos v jus finished out final lab report) keeps making lame jokes which r really fun. hahaha! He's jus damn good at it la..

- I guess ppl start to find my blog boring; jus like how i feel bout ppl's blog =P-
- Sry i cant make de diff to hav a nice blog, im jus another normal kid -

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Giv a lil, Ask for Hell lotz more

I hav been a good boy, trying to study everyday but i always ended up sleeping. But now i find it useful cos when i wake up at 11 or 12 i can start studying wit 100% focus. So try waste a lil time n gain more later^^. it might work de same way for u.

Sean was like late for 2 hours today n he suppose to.. "oops! cant tell u yet!" hahaha! AnyWays. Y do most of de guys(n now girls too) get so addict to football??? I jus dun get it u noe.. its like if dey win or lose wad de hell it hav to do wit u?! therefore i jus take every Ballz addict to be a gambler. Cos dats de only reason i can think of, If not den go to sleep ppl.

[2 ears n 1 mouth] I think God should make it 2 ears n mouth cos I JUS DUN LIKE PPL NOT ANSWERING ME! im not sure is tat ass is jus dun like me or wad. Some ppl jus hav prob noticing me talking to dem. I used to hav prob disturbing class; cos i speak loud + alot. So i was a happy lil kid when i was like 7-12. Den i started to speak a lil softer n less but den another prob pops out. Haiyo... i think ill jus slap dat fellow b4 i start talking -.-

-Jus killed a mosquito cos it bite me like so many times {Pay back} -

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Experience is The Best Teacher

My happy day started goin out for dinner wit WenYee at BBQ plaza, Den Meeting wit MingWei, Vimal, Joanna, and 1 nice guy from CF. Then i tot my Day was coming to an end so i decided to go friendster to hav a drink. DEN! yes.. Den.. while i was in de car wit my cousin happily chatting. ! damn ass lousy driver hu dono how de f*ck he sucked until lidat. bang-ed my car. no big damage but my heart is broke. I MADE a huge mistake of letting him go n contacted him later. He wanted to pay but he's company has this stupid policy dat no employee should ever settle accident under table. den de story goes long n long.. no body borders noe-ing.

Anyways.. come bak to ma-happy-day. I jus notice lame jokes r getting better n better to laught at as we grow older. Dats explains y i was so annoyed when listening to elders speaking jokes. Looks like im getting der too... Shits!

WenYee enjoyed her soup in BBQ plaza SOOOOooooo...... much! which shocked me a lil cos i always tot dat she dun like to drink soup..hahaha!! oh well.. i guess im wrong. Den we go look around n she showed me her wit hair bend.. hahaha!! her face becomes SO LONG WEI! hahaha! cant say looks better anot... equally la... but i still cant take it she's wearing skirt. Dun worry.. ill get use to it.. (Wen Yee! Making changes are good! keep it up!)

Now im trying something dat i guess leland had been doin for yrs. De art of sleeping at random time. hahaha! its kinda good in a way dat i can do things like study.. write blog(like rite now) n stuff late at nite while still can get up next morning. Cool dun u think?? hahaha! i hated sleeping all de while.. so i guess this is a way out for me.

Another thing is... my hands r very (gatal)"i cant spell it in eng" u noe sunway now r having mini pc fair at de foryer? Everytime i pass dat area when those shops r close i feel like stealing dem!! oh gosh... ppl safe me b4 i do it. cos those items r like hang on de air.. jus dat r u goin to grap it or not. haihz.

-sry if there r parts u dun understand, my hands r slower den my brain-

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The more u noe, De more u dun noe

I got dat title from TV. A guy hav been traveling for he whole life n he said it. N Leland said it too in his blog =P. Well i tot ma-blog was kinda cool, u noe, black n white + blue a lil, much like classic deff of "COoL" Hehe. Well.. now i feel there much more cool blogs out der but im not gona copy urs.. dun worry.. im not a pussy.

Life's changing n im not realizing it. The reason i said it was bcos de feeling i had this morning after my process system analysis. I did all de Qs, i can do dem BUT i dono there r correct anot. Back in those days i am very sure dat am i gona score anot.. i can even cout my marks b4 it is being marked. But it makes life more interesting dun u think? wit condition dat my parents stop asking me to score like mad den.. Yea i enjoye it..

Speaking of changing. I almost break down when i was having Physics tutorial. I only notice dat i did not "NAil" de subject but i nail my own brain when im having de class. Wad im trying to say is i actually do not understand as much as i tot i do. But by de end of de class i do understand everything(after asking a few Qs).. In de process of saving myself from break down i did told myself emotion r for ppl hu got nothing much to do for dat moment, lets put it aside n start asking dat botak head some Qs. N dats how i safe myself.

-Any mistake made on ma-blog were done in purpose-

Monday, April 23, 2007

Create your own Friend Test here

Sudden Strike Of Moodyness

Was on de bed reading, den suddenly i feel something deep down in my heart very annoying. So ar, i went out for a "ride" n a BMW X5 almost cause me an accident. @%!@!%@%!

Okayz.. Back to my Updates:

Sean, Kae Yi, Me, Salva, Yong Pim went for lunch:

Yong Pim was complaining dat he group mate is not doin any work n he's damn angry wit it. So i told him " U fuck him through de phone la!. Ah~Ah~AahhH~!(sound of having sex)" Hehe! n every1 was laughing crazy-ly n our perv convo started from there. N Sean actually do not noe wads G-Spot. Go get a book sean!

2] Oh i had a bad dream too.. So ass man. So many times i dream of ghosts d chasing me some more. -.-! I think is bcos i wacthed Super Natural b4 i went to sleep.. dats y. N for those hu r wondering, Yes. Im scared of ghosts.

3] Ha! de repond for ma-blog so good wei~! not bad- But ar// how to put de convo thing like evry other blog has ar?? n how to put photos in ma-blog ler?? aiyo- so complicated! i cr8-ed blog cos i tot its pretty easy to use ( 1 of de reason is bcos i saw wenjie's blog damn cool wit de blah-blah-back-sheep)

4] WenYee sent me de song 'face down' n i only noe dat i had dat song like Yrs ago after i hav DL-ed it. Sry la i potong... I nvr rbm names 1.. dats y i dono de song - Dat is also y some time i hate myself so much for did not ask de pretty girl i jus talked to for her name. AIKZ!

Note: My Mood was spoiled y so many things today or i might hav a better blog. Sry =<

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Repost: Testing testing

Yo~Yo- Haiyo.. i Ter-deleted my blog u noe; so im writing 2nd/1st blog now.. hahah~!

Erm.. i was saying.. 1st-ly i wanna shoot out to Ma-Frenz in Aus "Hey. Do miss us in M'sia n we do miss us Guys; at least i am la ^^"

So here comes my update:

1] 1st Sem is like coming to an end already, all tests n exams r pop-ing up like mushrooms ><>

2] Limae finally noes hus de Hot girl i was telling her jus yesterday n dey both r in med school oh monash M'sia!! She was dying to find out hu n without noe-ing she's jus next to her. HAHA~! such a small world man

3]To those hu may concern bout me.. Im am having some light die-t here. HAha~! hope it works..dun plan to go bones la btw.. so ull still get de round round me.. may b over shape la.. haha~! we will c la.

4] finally i can study by myself without listening to my lecturer, COOL RITE?! haha! find it cool cos i can skip classes now.. hahaha!! HuRAy! " How de hell u spell huray? 0.o?"

Okayz... dats bout it b4 u scream "Ur u F*ck-Ing Boring la!" so ill jus stop here =P Take care ppl~