Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sudden Strike Of Moodyness

Was on de bed reading, den suddenly i feel something deep down in my heart very annoying. So ar, i went out for a "ride" n a BMW X5 almost cause me an accident. @%!@!%@%!

Okayz.. Back to my Updates:

Sean, Kae Yi, Me, Salva, Yong Pim went for lunch:

Yong Pim was complaining dat he group mate is not doin any work n he's damn angry wit it. So i told him " U fuck him through de phone la!. Ah~Ah~AahhH~!(sound of having sex)" Hehe! n every1 was laughing crazy-ly n our perv convo started from there. N Sean actually do not noe wads G-Spot. Go get a book sean!

2] Oh i had a bad dream too.. So ass man. So many times i dream of ghosts d chasing me some more. -.-! I think is bcos i wacthed Super Natural b4 i went to sleep.. dats y. N for those hu r wondering, Yes. Im scared of ghosts.

3] Ha! de repond for ma-blog so good wei~! not bad- But ar// how to put de convo thing like evry other blog has ar?? n how to put photos in ma-blog ler?? aiyo- so complicated! i cr8-ed blog cos i tot its pretty easy to use ( 1 of de reason is bcos i saw wenjie's blog damn cool wit de blah-blah-back-sheep)

4] WenYee sent me de song 'face down' n i only noe dat i had dat song like Yrs ago after i hav DL-ed it. Sry la i potong... I nvr rbm names 1.. dats y i dono de song - Dat is also y some time i hate myself so much for did not ask de pretty girl i jus talked to for her name. AIKZ!

Note: My Mood was spoiled y so many things today or i might hav a better blog. Sry =<

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