Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Repost: Testing testing

Yo~Yo- Haiyo.. i Ter-deleted my blog u noe; so im writing 2nd/1st blog now.. hahah~!

Erm.. i was saying.. 1st-ly i wanna shoot out to Ma-Frenz in Aus "Hey. Do miss us in M'sia n we do miss us Guys; at least i am la ^^"

So here comes my update:

1] 1st Sem is like coming to an end already, all tests n exams r pop-ing up like mushrooms ><>

2] Limae finally noes hus de Hot girl i was telling her jus yesterday n dey both r in med school oh monash M'sia!! She was dying to find out hu n without noe-ing she's jus next to her. HAHA~! such a small world man

3]To those hu may concern bout me.. Im am having some light die-t here. HAha~! hope it works..dun plan to go bones la btw.. so ull still get de round round me.. may b over shape la.. haha~! we will c la.

4] finally i can study by myself without listening to my lecturer, COOL RITE?! haha! find it cool cos i can skip classes now.. hahaha!! HuRAy! " How de hell u spell huray? 0.o?"

Okayz... dats bout it b4 u scream "Ur u F*ck-Ing Boring la!" so ill jus stop here =P Take care ppl~


wen said...

hello kawan!

of course will miz ya guys! all the bbq and late night dota sessions! lol

and definately prank calling people. we should do that more often.

wah..what hot chick! take pic and show me too

Gooji said...

yala.. pictures!! oh wait.. faster get a cbox .. i lazy to write comment

Leland said...

nice ending! i literally loled

Gooji said...

lol... literally loled...
spam... spam.. spam more comments...