Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, March 27, 2009

Girl + Camera = ???

Wads with girls and their camera these days?? i mean those weird looking 70s-80s cameras. @.@ and wad Polaroid Thingy..?????

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wad i did last... hour

I ask yp to:
go to sean yii and tell him "bitch!"
but sean's down stairs so he too lazy to go down.

So i ask sean to:
go up stairs, yp got things to tell u. cannt say thru msn.

SO i tot my evil plans was goin fine. But in fact dey did all those mombo jambo thru msn. =.="

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once again

Once again i feel childish.

i Tot ive grew to a man, a man who nobody worries about, dependable. I guess dats not so true after all. I starts to crack when pressure builds up. I cant resist fun for work. I forget and ignore serious things i need to do for stupid things like sleeping, games and movies. I spend more den i could collect each month. I choose to fool around in class for PSP and iTouch when i noe this SH1T infront of me is so important to learn. I have bind my stuff and its already week 3. i Say yes to promises when i dun feel like keeping dem.

Feel so tired

But having breaks increases my burden.

I work harder, but no strength to go on.

I stuck in the middle like a beef petty in between carl's jr burger. Only way out is to bite and shallow.

I wish to have a mate or some1 close to share with. But im forbiden to have 1.

Hmm... I wish i can have a "care free card" from GOD for a day for me to eat all i could to cheer the hell up from inside out. I want carl's jr burger dat doesnt make me fatter dan i alrdy is. I want drink my favourite soya milk till i drop. I wish to share all my joy and fun with family and frens , not forgetting a special 1. How i wish.. I Wish and hope, even only jus a dream will satisfy me for now.


Ive taken in more den i can chew

Its nice to be able to help people. But it gets irritating when u r bz with ur own stuff but u had promised ppl to do things. damn~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My new phone.

My phone ROCKS HARD! until.....

The screen protector trap dust a little, i tot of fixing it and now is worst den ever.

i keep pushing it in and out of the "box/protector(ori)" now the screen part of it is getting lose.

whn i load songs in it will detect double or some even triple @.@

MSN cannot work.

Battery life only 1.5days per full charge (with usage of musics and such)

Some "digital momentum" all round (laggy la)

Conclusion: its good, not good enuf. value for money.

Wad is this?

Any guess wad is this?

Highlight here to see answer --> Wood dust sucker! (vacuum)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A Hug? =)


Anyone knows Koda Kumi? yea-yea, she's fake, she went through some process. WTV. She got problem(s), She fixed it. Logic enuf to me.

I hope anyone of you seaching for the meaning of SEXY. This is your FREAKING ANSWER. Go search for Koda Kumi-Juicy. SOme might find it sexual(that is why you cant find it on youtube) but this is what i feel how sexy should be. Show of skin but all just rite, does not show for "show" but it does feel sexy.

Wait.. call 999 for backup.

Link:Soft Version(Sorry guys, this is the soft version. The one I have is WAY SEXIER)