Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Once again

Once again i feel childish.

i Tot ive grew to a man, a man who nobody worries about, dependable. I guess dats not so true after all. I starts to crack when pressure builds up. I cant resist fun for work. I forget and ignore serious things i need to do for stupid things like sleeping, games and movies. I spend more den i could collect each month. I choose to fool around in class for PSP and iTouch when i noe this SH1T infront of me is so important to learn. I have bind my stuff and its already week 3. i Say yes to promises when i dun feel like keeping dem.

Feel so tired

But having breaks increases my burden.

I work harder, but no strength to go on.

I stuck in the middle like a beef petty in between carl's jr burger. Only way out is to bite and shallow.

I wish to have a mate or some1 close to share with. But im forbiden to have 1.

Hmm... I wish i can have a "care free card" from GOD for a day for me to eat all i could to cheer the hell up from inside out. I want carl's jr burger dat doesnt make me fatter dan i alrdy is. I want drink my favourite soya milk till i drop. I wish to share all my joy and fun with family and frens , not forgetting a special 1. How i wish.. I Wish and hope, even only jus a dream will satisfy me for now.


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