Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Penang Food Trip

Went Penang for a food trip with buddies. This is a summary of penang food.

Fried Kuew Tiaw-Fail
Fried Oyster-Fail(didn't really search for it, but de only 1 tried fail)
Prawn Mee-Average
Cendol-Higher Den Average(How good it can be? i only noe how bad it can be)
Ice Kacang-No Comment(Tried better 1s in KL)
Fried Carrot Cake-Fail
SeaFood Dinner-Ok la
Braised Pork(At Yam Rice Shop)-Fail
Beef Noodle-Fail Badly(because i love beef noodle and it sucks)
Yam Rice-Good
Yong Tau Fu(Different from KL)-Good(The Pork Stomach damn GOOD)
Duck Noodle-Damn Good
Duck/Pork Intestines-Crazily Good
Having A Good Time With Friends-irreplaceable

Food is very subjective to everyone. These are only my opinion. Nice Trip =) Thx everyone.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anti-Jamming Clutch


This is The [Anti-Jamming Clutch] 100% RnD By my Team of 5 people including me, Jia Yeng, Sueh Lung, Wei Lun, and Weng Li. {Soli if spell ur name wrongly pls tell me} The idea of this clutch came to me 1 nite b4 i go to sleep. My mind jus love to run wild b4 i go sleep @.@

How it works is like this;
The Right side "Crow Gear" is de Torque input.

The Left side "Crow Gear" is de Torque output.

Whn the output gear got jammed(some how), the coupled crow gear will start to push each other away, limited by the spring, lock by the pin and hence the input gear is now spinning freely. This will avoid damaging the motor and is it design for small machines that has small budget which couldn't afford to have a computer monitored sensor and etc.

Note: This picture is not the actual picture we use for our project cos that 1 i didn't photocopy. This is jus the same but that 1 looks cooler XD, this clutch is not perfect yet and the welding i believe is not needed. Welding were used to satisfy my course requirement. Commands are welcomed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Married Man

My Ex-Neighbor(The Daughter) is now form 5, taking SPM exams la. During her last yr Yr-End_Holidays she found some part-time-job God noes whr. Thr she found this guy work in construction 1. And... "fall in love" with him.

I doubt she did "Fall in love" because i strongly believe as an asian we are not mature enought to noe wad is love when we are still 17. *some1 shouted: Boo your apinion!* Yes yes some of you might not agree. Boo u back.

Anyways. The main problem is this GUY is actually married at age of 20+. What a screw up and now he's screwing another person's life. MY EX NEIGHBOR! Hello~?! Dick ichy go wash la! Dun spoil ppl's life can anot.

The owner of this dick(The wife of the man) called my neighbor(The Dad) and told him "Elo Uncle, u noe ur daughter is now together with my husband". Well he noes but nothing could be done cos she is so "crazily in love" with dat guy. =/

She was such a nice girl (i noe cos i lived next door for yrs) and she looks not bad too. SO dun wan her life goes down to drain jus lidat =/

[Sry if ur a married man and u disagree with wad i said. But too bad for u cos ur married and u should appriciate wad u hav and blame urself for wad u have done.]


That girl had ran away from house and still not found till today.
Son of a Bitch

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