Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Married Man

My Ex-Neighbor(The Daughter) is now form 5, taking SPM exams la. During her last yr Yr-End_Holidays she found some part-time-job God noes whr. Thr she found this guy work in construction 1. And... "fall in love" with him.

I doubt she did "Fall in love" because i strongly believe as an asian we are not mature enought to noe wad is love when we are still 17. *some1 shouted: Boo your apinion!* Yes yes some of you might not agree. Boo u back.

Anyways. The main problem is this GUY is actually married at age of 20+. What a screw up and now he's screwing another person's life. MY EX NEIGHBOR! Hello~?! Dick ichy go wash la! Dun spoil ppl's life can anot.

The owner of this dick(The wife of the man) called my neighbor(The Dad) and told him "Elo Uncle, u noe ur daughter is now together with my husband". Well he noes but nothing could be done cos she is so "crazily in love" with dat guy. =/

She was such a nice girl (i noe cos i lived next door for yrs) and she looks not bad too. SO dun wan her life goes down to drain jus lidat =/

[Sry if ur a married man and u disagree with wad i said. But too bad for u cos ur married and u should appriciate wad u hav and blame urself for wad u have done.]


That girl had ran away from house and still not found till today.
Son of a Bitch

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