Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Chocolate Feeling

Just finish watching a HK love show, [我的最爱]. Its very nice. and after watching im having this Chocolate Feeling. No not that love feeling.

Its more of that very good feeling but at the same time you noe each bite u take its gona kill you slowly. Well i cant have too much sugar, thats y its killing me if i take choc.

Anyways. Check out that movie. Lots of chicks too. =)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm back

Long time no write something here on my scribbling board.

So What Do i Have to SAY? haha.

I bought a new pair of shoe! it's call, NIKE lava Dome CI.

Yeaaa... Awesome rite? U might think its weird but wait till u see it. Wuhuuu~ Some how i feel great wearing it to school, makes me feel like i've upgraded in some way. LOVE IT.

Anyways, enough trying to make u understand how i feel. Yesterday I went check out Monash BlackBoard and DL-ed a few lect videos. The videos are dead boring! but damn good as compared to stupid lecturer who teaches in sunway. i guess i'll try this video thing, may b i will score better this time. =)

Lately i im so bored, still waiting my dexter season 3 ( should b getting them this afternoon).