Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot girls

Ha.. Found girl topic so much easier to talk about =P

1) Do u think pretty girl blog is more interesting?
No... damn sien 1 -.-!

2) Start to bond wit this hot girl in class
But i doubt dat we will get close cos she's always
wit this indian guy(nice guy)

3) Got this girl classmate is stuck to her christian club thing
Im not saying she shouldnt but dono ler.. dat makes her more bz
and giv me less time to talk to her =/

4) My lady lecturer (fresh grad) she's here to replace this guy lecturer hu cant make it for the classes for few weeks. So big diff man... de guy so damn sien but she teach so interesting + she looks prettier den him + she always happy happy face.

5) Some times ar... both sister in a family behave same same 1...
both also weird weird at times; cold now, warm later.

6) I got this fren, she a lil death 1.. so when u talk she will hav to look at ur mouth/read lips
Her eyes r so shining n light brown 1!!! 0.0 makes her looks so cute wei.. LoL
Not saying i like her - jus curious how eyes can make some1 looks so pretty.

7) Some GF r so stuck to their bf.. dono goot anot..
always wit de bf, so lil time wit gf or other guy fren
later break how ler? @.@ dono la... but if my gf lidat not bad wei ^^ but IF my gf really lidat i think ill tell her go bond wit frens more la.. for her own good

- Something interesting, cos every1 saying Wen Yee is my gf in class -.-! (sean stupid as usual) so when im around Uni rite every fren will tell me dey c wen yee at some where jus now... kinda like my tracking system- so cool^^ i did track her wit all de info ppl told me but when she dun find me means she's wit some1 else.. no point tracking also =/ -

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Talented ppl

I always dun get how talented ppl work 1 -.-! Like how Justin.T + Timbaland = Super Cun Songs 0.0 , Scoring all HDs 0.0, Super good in games/ sports 0.0 ; jealous wei

Ah~! i dono -.-!

I got nothing much to talk =/

Here a chat with my dad;
Dad: Do u noe wad day is today?
KS: Dono
Dad: -pause for a while- today's my bday
KS: 0.0 Oh~ Happy bday =)

-.-! u might think y i so bad ass riteeeeee~? Hahaha! let u tell u a story bout a lil boy

When i was a small kid rite? i got my dad a Gold Pen for his bday.
And then dat pen ended up somewhere around the house, like not wanted.
So i took the pen n use n forgets bout his bday n nvr buy him anything since den.

But i did teman him whole day go pay tax n makan. So i guess it was ok gua.

Friday, July 13, 2007

What i got to say bout Girls

It happens a few time ady.. I think i got super power...
Everytime i ask a girl " do u hav bf? =P"; girl-"Nahh, nope =)"
and after 1 month plus they will tell me "I talkign to my bf now"

Wad de shit is this... like happen 3 times d...

So girls hu really wanna noe when they gona hav a gf?
wait i ask u de magic Q
n u reply the magic answer.

other than dat.. girl do lie bout their feelings.. ALL OF THEM
they wan guys to speak out the truth but dey NVR DO.
Oh u noe wad i mean.
Girls gona b pissed after reading this but HEY! ill remind u when ur doin it to me.
It will happen!

Its that period again. where every girls acting weird cos they jus got their new bf;
being a lil colder than usual. Then later they will b warm again =/ after break up i mean.

should we really cut out all contacts with girl/guys after we got bf/gf ?
But if we dun den they will b jealous/mad rite? im confused @.@
Hope ill do the rite thing when its my turn =P

Its 3am now n the coffee jus kicked in @.@ how am i gona sleep?
plus having headache.
No1 to talk to,
No1 to miss,
No1 to share,
No 1 to hear to,
Im alone rite now.

Btw im having that period again where everything is not right,
im typing all wrong words,
cars r like mad cows on the road,
ppl r not as friendly,
songs r boring,
im always bored,
im not bonding wit ppl... girls especially =P
arrrr.... tak syok! like wad my fren say "Bo Song ler!"

Gooji also drag me along to play maple
Slowly i found dat game is not as relax as it suppose to b..
Cos the quest r like dumb 1.. so hard
wat im trying to say is im so bored till ill play such game.
Moo said "No! dun play this game! its stupid!";
"i cant believe ur playing it"

Haihz.... life JUS went well... den so so...
den bad n now worst.. wads after worst? erm.. GG =P
I so doomed!And
1 leland wit his stupid show,
2 reply so slow.
4 WenYee not well,
5 Gooji - maple(BZ)
6 Steff - Out(BZ)
7 Moo - as usual(ignore me on9)
8 Sean - bz wit his frenz(we r jus classmates)

Im pretty alone. =/

Too long ka? Oh well.. jus in de mood to talk cock ma.
Nothing much u ppl can do to help tho. its me.. jus me.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lets go garfield style

Im lazy to blog

Im too bz wit Maple

I wan cook but things r not working well

Im lazy

ZZzzz...(hey no sleeping in my blog!)

Oops! Sry..

ZZzzzz....( Sry.. Can't Help it_)