Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, July 13, 2007

What i got to say bout Girls

It happens a few time ady.. I think i got super power...
Everytime i ask a girl " do u hav bf? =P"; girl-"Nahh, nope =)"
and after 1 month plus they will tell me "I talkign to my bf now"

Wad de shit is this... like happen 3 times d...

So girls hu really wanna noe when they gona hav a gf?
wait i ask u de magic Q
n u reply the magic answer.

other than dat.. girl do lie bout their feelings.. ALL OF THEM
they wan guys to speak out the truth but dey NVR DO.
Oh u noe wad i mean.
Girls gona b pissed after reading this but HEY! ill remind u when ur doin it to me.
It will happen!

Its that period again. where every girls acting weird cos they jus got their new bf;
being a lil colder than usual. Then later they will b warm again =/ after break up i mean.

should we really cut out all contacts with girl/guys after we got bf/gf ?
But if we dun den they will b jealous/mad rite? im confused @.@
Hope ill do the rite thing when its my turn =P

Its 3am now n the coffee jus kicked in @.@ how am i gona sleep?
plus having headache.
No1 to talk to,
No1 to miss,
No1 to share,
No 1 to hear to,
Im alone rite now.

Btw im having that period again where everything is not right,
im typing all wrong words,
cars r like mad cows on the road,
ppl r not as friendly,
songs r boring,
im always bored,
im not bonding wit ppl... girls especially =P
arrrr.... tak syok! like wad my fren say "Bo Song ler!"

Gooji also drag me along to play maple
Slowly i found dat game is not as relax as it suppose to b..
Cos the quest r like dumb 1.. so hard
wat im trying to say is im so bored till ill play such game.
Moo said "No! dun play this game! its stupid!";
"i cant believe ur playing it"

Haihz.... life JUS went well... den so so...
den bad n now worst.. wads after worst? erm.. GG =P
I so doomed!And
1 leland wit his stupid show,
2 reply so slow.
4 WenYee not well,
5 Gooji - maple(BZ)
6 Steff - Out(BZ)
7 Moo - as usual(ignore me on9)
8 Sean - bz wit his frenz(we r jus classmates)

Im pretty alone. =/

Too long ka? Oh well.. jus in de mood to talk cock ma.
Nothing much u ppl can do to help tho. its me.. jus me.

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