Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Experience is The Best Teacher

My happy day started goin out for dinner wit WenYee at BBQ plaza, Den Meeting wit MingWei, Vimal, Joanna, and 1 nice guy from CF. Then i tot my Day was coming to an end so i decided to go friendster to hav a drink. DEN! yes.. Den.. while i was in de car wit my cousin happily chatting. ! damn ass lousy driver hu dono how de f*ck he sucked until lidat. bang-ed my car. no big damage but my heart is broke. I MADE a huge mistake of letting him go n contacted him later. He wanted to pay but he's company has this stupid policy dat no employee should ever settle accident under table. den de story goes long n long.. no body borders noe-ing.

Anyways.. come bak to ma-happy-day. I jus notice lame jokes r getting better n better to laught at as we grow older. Dats explains y i was so annoyed when listening to elders speaking jokes. Looks like im getting der too... Shits!

WenYee enjoyed her soup in BBQ plaza SOOOOooooo...... much! which shocked me a lil cos i always tot dat she dun like to drink soup..hahaha!! oh well.. i guess im wrong. Den we go look around n she showed me her wit hair bend.. hahaha!! her face becomes SO LONG WEI! hahaha! cant say looks better anot... equally la... but i still cant take it she's wearing skirt. Dun worry.. ill get use to it.. (Wen Yee! Making changes are good! keep it up!)

Now im trying something dat i guess leland had been doin for yrs. De art of sleeping at random time. hahaha! its kinda good in a way dat i can do things like study.. write blog(like rite now) n stuff late at nite while still can get up next morning. Cool dun u think?? hahaha! i hated sleeping all de while.. so i guess this is a way out for me.

Another thing is... my hands r very (gatal)"i cant spell it in eng" u noe sunway now r having mini pc fair at de foryer? Everytime i pass dat area when those shops r close i feel like stealing dem!! oh gosh... ppl safe me b4 i do it. cos those items r like hang on de air.. jus dat r u goin to grap it or not. haihz.

-sry if there r parts u dun understand, my hands r slower den my brain-

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