Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The more u noe, De more u dun noe

I got dat title from TV. A guy hav been traveling for he whole life n he said it. N Leland said it too in his blog =P. Well i tot ma-blog was kinda cool, u noe, black n white + blue a lil, much like classic deff of "COoL" Hehe. Well.. now i feel there much more cool blogs out der but im not gona copy urs.. dun worry.. im not a pussy.

Life's changing n im not realizing it. The reason i said it was bcos de feeling i had this morning after my process system analysis. I did all de Qs, i can do dem BUT i dono there r correct anot. Back in those days i am very sure dat am i gona score anot.. i can even cout my marks b4 it is being marked. But it makes life more interesting dun u think? wit condition dat my parents stop asking me to score like mad den.. Yea i enjoye it..

Speaking of changing. I almost break down when i was having Physics tutorial. I only notice dat i did not "NAil" de subject but i nail my own brain when im having de class. Wad im trying to say is i actually do not understand as much as i tot i do. But by de end of de class i do understand everything(after asking a few Qs).. In de process of saving myself from break down i did told myself emotion r for ppl hu got nothing much to do for dat moment, lets put it aside n start asking dat botak head some Qs. N dats how i safe myself.

-Any mistake made on ma-blog were done in purpose-

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