Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, April 27, 2007

Unlucky Dayz

Im sure every1 hav heard b4 dat every1 will hav ups n downs. Well when ur happy u jus take it wit no Qs ask but when ur having de worst n keep complaining. Well im not saying dat im special but im having my worst few days of my life~! But some how im not Mad bout it.. jus a lil unhappy bout it. As u should noe if u hav read my previous posts..Plus today i jus got rasuah by polis n some1 crush onto a tree while im having mamak. Both happens is 1 hour time in TTDI. Sad~

Oh well.. im not completely unlucky.. There r things happening to me dat im very happy about^^ so ill jus take it as a return for all de nice things.

Dat day mamak i saw limae has a ear ring on her... higher part of her ear. hahaha! does dat make sense? anyways.. i jus wanna say its damn cool to hav it^^ but she's a Doc.. Wad a lala-Doc wei -.-! hahaha!

Lately Yong Pimp Keep Asking "y u so emo" to so many ppl n also "Smile a lil la" so every1 hu r not smiling... So some how it jus make me wanna make ppl happy.. or jus simply giv ppl a smile n automaticly dey will smile bac => N Vimal n de group(which we gona break it up d cos v jus finished out final lab report) keeps making lame jokes which r really fun. hahaha! He's jus damn good at it la..

- I guess ppl start to find my blog boring; jus like how i feel bout ppl's blog =P-
- Sry i cant make de diff to hav a nice blog, im jus another normal kid -

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