Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, May 4, 2007

"Wads Ur Title for This Week?"

Ha Mine is "Fully Filled Week" in short -FF Weee!- Hahahaha!! Crazy week Started with Sean, Kae Yi, Pimp, and ME skipping math tutorial bcos i cant wait for holiday to come any longer. Hahaha!! dats a very valid reason for me => n got party la, movie la, la,la,la,blah blah blah..Yup.. Dun wanna tell u wad happened.. HAHA!!

Anyways.. Some Guys r jus CHEAP... CHEAP SHIT! i spend 80bux on de BBQ.. n those cheap shit only pay me like 3-5 bux per person (only 1 paid 10) n let de girls pay 10... I wonder how big their Ballz is man~ WTH...

Life is jus boring n nothing much to tell actually.. May b there is la but its more interesting to b here n b wit me to experince it wit rather dan telling u on my blog here.. So get bac here n v will rock de whole world down once again^^

WenJie Says she hav a ear ring at her upper ear? Serious?! SHOW ME!!! Cool Cool!!! i also wan!! i Wish i was born a lil cooler look den baby face... Haihz.. oh WELL!! -No Leland is not Cool; he act 1!- =D

Oh.. Sean's SKIP de whole day on thurdays bcos Man U lost... he jus mad u noe dat... Oh n he likes this girl call curly cos she hav curly hair.. HAHAHA!!!

-AH my car broke down n is damn cool how i drive it bac from subang; so proud of myself!-

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