Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"I Hope u noe~ I hope u noe~!" Fergie

Was listening to fergie [Big girls dun cry], nice song. Anyways, speaking of i hope u noe rite. U noe some times u do something really nice for some1 n u really want him/her to noe? but u jus cant go up to dem n say "Hey! do u i...... for u?" It will not help n kill de mood too. Well as u hav guessed i experience such things b4 -.-! n i dun think she noes till now but nvm la.. not important any more. But if u think again rite.. u might think its something very big or nice but for dem, dey didnt c de whole process of wad u hav done. De only saw de result, so its kinda hard for dem to imagine how much hard work u hav put into. Same thing apply to our parents. U think dey damn rich n u keep digging dem to get u stuff... when u starts to work den ull noe y ur parents keep saying no cos dey r not dat rich after all..

Simple math + thinking :

around 500 per month for a brand new wira; total price of a wira 40k
ur house at least 300k or more... n plus other small lil things... U need to earn 10k to b call rich ok.. No joke. N i noe ppl hu earn 30k n still suffering.
Anyways.. Let talk bout juicy n creamy stuff.. Life is jus boring to talk about.

I crazy bout cheeze, gralic, n most things from a COW.. not Moo... COW(real 1)
So to test out does all my "favorites" can come together i put both of dat + carry + egg... still taste like egg =\ SIENZ. i also heard in AUS they hav milk + Choc + Ice cream ( 100% Fatz) @.@ crazy ppl with crazy tots sending evry1 to heaven [WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!]

Ha~! enough of [ i hope u noe ] bout me.. Too much info will kill u too soon ^^ Mafia Way of Life

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