Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Human - Human

There's this GIRL.. Marcus's gf. There was once she helped me to pass my project to my group mate cos i was rushing bac... BTW i dono her 1. Den after dat day, every time i saw her i was rushing (eg: it was raining n i was running, she with umbrella) so i cant stop n say "hey! thks ya dat day u helped me" -.- but i wan to say thks to her.. after a few times i feel damn shy to talk to her.. cos u noe la... few times i jus ran past her.. damn bad wei me.. haiyo.. How ler now?

here i hav 1 million dollar Q for ppl hu can answer my Q. "should i go for diet? or im jus fine how i am rite now?" Haiyo- i nvr c any guy fat+good looking.. conclusion i 1 of dem... =( haha! okay okay.. erm.. well when i c girls i also pick pretty 1 ma.. but USUALLY fat dun come wit pretty... ( but i c b4 girls big size but cute wei) but not Guys... So PPL! Tell me!!

New Human Gen interaction r mostly lost control or should i say controlled by dramas n restricted by all kinds of communication technology. Our parents Gen, dey r such daredevil dat de guys hav this super high self confident dat dey can walk to de girls makes fren.. get their no... ask dem out.. (magic happens bac den)... NOW de guys r jus diff... well im actually 1 of dem too... -.-.. sad rite.. Poor girls cant get the thrill out being chased by.. n de guys nvr experince any..
Trust me ppl... de thrill is better den race car, i wish i could experince it too...

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