Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, October 12, 2007

Unlucky Day

Ah.. On 11-10-07

The day started by some1 calling me go CC and i did went. the fellow say AC.. n it was kinda late cos later we having tute.. so i jus park at asia cos by top ill be parking for an hour plus. So dats fine.. 2 bux. Guess wad. they r at JS.. so far away! Zzzz... so i walked there n having all fun.. N yup we skiped tute dat day.. again.

Then the all smart sean ask "want dinner tonite wit wen yee? for her bday.." im so ass broke n n dinner.. but fine la.. go la.. *at this point my car is still in asia after hours*

so we decided to go bac uni to finish off assignments and we did. I was fetch by sean to uni *which means my car still in asia* so wait till 7pm for dinner. saw JUSTIN in uni.

dinner went all crazy cos we hav a very Un-deciding guest. Had my very 1st Soya Bean ice-cream... taste jus like Soya Bean.. *My car still in asia*

about 10.. we left.. Wen Yee say "arent we goin for cs?" so we head to asia cos dats de 1 and only place she wanna go.. dono y... all great memories i guess... but no place.. fine lor... go home..

SO i walk to my car... saw the wheel was not lock *phew* so i got in.. start the car.. was a lil rush cos some1 waiting for the place... "EH? y the car weird weird 1? cannot move 1?" hit the gas harder... it moved... but its for sure weird... the *BANG!* i hit the car behind with no ppl inside..."Oh Gosh~ wad is this..." quickly drive off... the i heard exploding sound!... so i got down check.. nothing ahhh....

get in the car.. drive off... car sliding 1 side... oh shit... flat tyres... AAAHHH... fucking asia cafe... CD fuck... paid u fucking much on everything n this is wad i get... went to near by housing area... changed the tyre wit no proper tools... when i was about to finish... this aunty came n ask "im sry.. do u mind helping me?" im like "for?" "oh im rushing to KLIA n i lost my wallet BLA BLA BLA~" Wad fuck is this? reject cannot... dun reject... confirm BS 1 la... diu!

But there was once this lil form 2 girl told me... by helping u did a good thing... for him/her to cheat is their sin... using ur kindness to cheat.. BIGGER SIN... fine la.. she asked for 20 i gave 10.. i say ur saga can make it 1 la..

went bac... bathe... on comp... sleepy.. went sleep....

next morning go check the tyre.. the air of it was released only... ZZzz... wad fuck... paid 2 bucks for service.. find no holes.. change de tyre bac... drove of...

WAD AN EXPERIENCE>>> Asia.. u bastard.. i cant believe u man... wait till u get to hell den ull pay...

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