Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nestle, Milo

I believe all of u who call yourself Malaysian had drank Milo b4, and should agree with me that milo is part of us. In short MILO = the drinks for Malaysian.


From what i taste and also feedback from people around me, Milo taste not as good as it used to be(5-8 years ago). I even stop drinking milo for a while cause i feel a Teh Ais or Kopi Ais taste better than it. Unfortunately, since 1st day of my intern i stop eating breakfast(again) and the only drinks suitable for morning is hot milo. I must say it taste very the bad. 2 HUGE table spoon for a cup and it still doesnt taste as rich as it used to be.

One morning(with a cup of milo in hand) i was so angry that this milo sucks so badly compared to last time, so i went to nestle website and complained to them about how i feel bout this Iconic drinks of ours. Good news is, they called me back.(luckily i left my phone number.) So they asked me a few questions and i reply them truthfully. They also told me why the taste is different from ages ago.(No. Not cut cost or cut ingredients as wad ppl say or thnk). They did it for the good of Malaysians. they added healthier things into it and putting less sugar into it.

But i told them, Yes dey r doin de right thing but de wrong way(at least dun spoil the taste). So they say they will thnk about it and try to do something on it(ofcos final decision will still base on majority vote from the company).

So thr u go. A grown up company working each day for the goodness of the people. Our royalty are repaid. Bravo nestle.

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