Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Changes as u grow older

I've changed a bit since de last time i rmb wad i told myself hu i was. (not physical change ofcos, im still fat, yes yes, will try do something bout it)

Well the "me" rite now is:-
1) for the 1st time i feel "it's ok" to not do anything but surf the web during work(hehehehe!)
2) i Still [L.O.V.E] cars Sooo Much, but i'm giving up on thinking how to modify cars cause its like feeding ur cars with drugs. 1st u take it, it feels nice but also killing it softly(not so soft but.. killing it anyways)
3) i got a new crush, i freaking love AUDI(the four rings, =) BMW are for cocks, Merc are for old cocks (hehehehe!)
4) i love my family more each day.
5) Starts to love sleeping, i cant get enuf of sleeping these days. im sleeping earlier and earlier each day(i was asleep at 8.30p.m yesterday till 7 this morning) O.O nvr happen to me b4.
5) My standard P.Wira can go up to 440km or more per tank(40 liters) beat that. ^^
6) i start to hate ladies for a bit rite now. Its always u, nvr me. ..zzZZ Now its a revolution! its me and u time.
7) i drive so slow these days ..zzZZ i enjoy driving with McD breakfast in hand. SO SYOK! WuHoo!
8) I have no time to caught up with frens.
9) Its been long time since i walk into McD (Drive Thru got la)
10) Whn was last supper? O.o

Enuf la.. think u also bored with me edy. Anyways. Love u all. Big hug

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