Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Thursday, January 29, 2009

U thnk ur the 1st? Thnk again.

I once tot my idea was new, 1st of its kind jus because ive nvr seen or heard of it b4. The story goes something like this.

The company i work in for internship uses lots of bearings and i must say their design doesn't change much since it was launch ages ago. Efficiency comes to my mind(influence by every1 goin green i guess). My mind run wild again whn im bored. I ended up with this,:-


Dun go WOW jus yet, or u alrdy tot of it(or heard of it).
i told myself this idea is great, start to have some idea of to achieving it. Then today, i had a chat with de Ang Mo(White guy) from my company bout design. He is part of de RnD/Designing team of the company back in UK. Some whr in de middle of our conversation i asked him, "is thr such thing call air bearing?" and he went"yea, thr is. for precison machines." Deep down my heart i went"What?! are u serious?! Who is this guy thnking the same thing as me?"

Thr u have it. If u too tot ur de 1st, thnk again. I will go check it out more bout this air bearing later. Comes to thnking about it, this earth we have had lived for thousands of year(history recorded) some many diff people from diff backgrounds diff life diff part of the world. Have u every tot:-

"Will one day the world is dry from fresh ideas?"

That should be DOOMS day if thr is such a day.

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