Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Monday, June 8, 2009

The World is a Stage, and We all Have a Roll to Play. WAIT! PAUSE!

Last Friday, went down stairs to have a break after from studying. I was just in time to catch this documentation call "Home". Another show about global warming. I really like it, i like this kind of things. Then I started to think, people always say that a boy will one day grow into a man some day. A man who is responsible and mature. But if u know the seriousness of damages caused by human in such short time, and the damage is increasing exponentially, it make me feel that almost no one on earth is a man. Why do we wait until the damage is so serious then only we start to react.

=/ Everything we learn in school are all base on selfishness. Because we want to live a comfortable life, that's y we research, we discover. We are making this world a worst place to be in while we hide in our beautiful 4 by 4 cube chilling on air-con, eating food that we do even know whats in it. Think about it im actually part of it. Feel like changing but my head keeps telling me the air-con is jus so damn good. McD is jus too awesome to let go.

Hmm... a few more days to 21. I guess its better i stay as a boy when I still have the chance. Think about all these later in life. XD (alien's gona come and hunt me)

To watch the documentation pls click HERE(on youtube, HD)

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