Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"gonna make gonna make gonna make it make it mine"

The title is just a line from [Jason Mraz-Make it mine] that i heard while I was staring at the monitor thinking what to write. Feelings are very, close to impossible to express them exactly in words. I just got back from the cinema after dropping off a friend. Once I've reached home, I sat alone in the car while watching the rain drops that fell on my car's windscreen. That feeling that i had was so relax and calm.

I like to watch the rains falls, I can still remember clearly the day that I spent an hour watching rain fall during SPM period. That 1 hour gave the strength to continue on to fight for exam. But the love didn't last long because at the same time I just started driving. People say do not drink and drive, I say it is worst to Rain and Drive. The obvious reason for me to say it is because my very 1st car accident that I had was because of Rain/West Road which leads to aqua plane to build up. So when the 2 things that I like comes together I got to choose only 1 of them. Naturally I chose to hate the rain but I do hope that more often that I could enjoy a good rainy day. Rainy days that I could just sit and relaz whie watching time and people to go pass me. I must say this is not the most exciting thing to do in life but sometimes little things like this will recharge a person's life to do something greater at later time.

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