Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fresh Thoughts In Mind

"It's time for you to turn your energy away from the things that you cannot change."
Got this "wadever u call it" from friendster. I think my horoscope is very accurate bout me cos im like right in the middle of Gemini. Remember i said something bout reading a mail in the morning and i got moody bout it? Yea.. i think wad the horoscope said is true.. cos i cant change wad dat person's thinking. So since the person wanna be that way for now then i should jus let the person b. Hav been thinking bout it since the day after finals.. but kinda forgetting it.. Its the right thing to do..

Ok now we lets talk bout something i planned to do for this holidays okay? =) Its our final
year of teenage!! Let b crazy bout it! I wanna do everything crazy thing i did for my 1st
19 years of age. Re experience again everything. For exp: Eating 3-4 roti kosong for
tea time. =P Oh! n burgers! My mum dun like me eating tea time cos later i cant
finish my dinner.. So i always kinda like eat without her noe-ing..hehehe! And..
Hmm.. Not much i've done.. I think should do more crazy things. May b try
driving 200KM/H? hahaha! I always wanna date a really hot girl(which is
not the type of girl dat ill look for as my girl fren) but jus wanna try how
it feels like to go out wit 1 =P.. Not 1 in mind yet.. but i doubt they will
go =/ Movie Marathon! And... Eat chicken drum stick like how ppl
ppl in the movies will do. Like pulling it when i bite it? hahaha!
Looks kinda cool. and make the food looks tasty =P. i wan do
drifting too.. The real drifting with a rear wheel drive.. but
where to find such car n hu gona land it to me? Haihz..

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