Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wrong Start leads to Bad Story

The start of my holidays really sicks man.. Far worst den how bad it can b... Anyways.. These r things i feel like saying: (Read at ur own risk)

  • Feel like owning a Lotus (brand of a car)
  • I was checking out BMW M3 de nite b4 exam n i got table M3 de next day.
  • "1 sided relationship" / "the other who r not considerate enough" really gives u pain on de butt.
  • I suck in strategy games.
  • Ending part of NFS Carbon so hard to play la.. Siao 1.
  • Im too happy for my finals to be ended yesterday but no1 to celebrate wit.
  • Gooji is like Super Lame Ass now, wad had gone into ur head?
  • I start to learn that Cars should remain as how they r when it was out of the factory
  • Wen Jie n Pearly had changed. May b bcos when i talk to dem dey r not talking to each other.
  • Im not attention seeker, but i do wan some attention from ppl i care about.
  • I think im not as fat as i used to b.. Wad do u think?
  • Trying my best to score the best really makes me tired
  • "responsible" n "hard work" comes together. So girl dun let de guy go if u found a responsible guy.
  • I like the butt of M3.. Do u?
  • Too Many Things To Talk About... tobecontinue

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