Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Random #1
Some how this SEM im extremly lazy. Im not doin any of my project works. i do la but bigger part r taken care by other ppl. hahaha! kinda guilty plus syok.. And then i very do tutorail work, nvr pay attention in class. Oh My~ wad a suck ass student i am. Haihz

Random #2

Nick is bac in town.... N he's SMOKING!! smoking hot n smoking..hahaha! hope u get wad i mean. anyways.. y do ppl smoke? no F*&^ brain izit? or brain damaged? i feel no shame when BANGING asses hu smokes... it show how childish u ppl are.

Random #3

HAha! i jus found a new plan to diet. i took my chair off my comp.. n now ill hav to stand... =) smart huh? hehe! steffie u cannot follow my way! i sue u for dat! XD Btw i lost 3-4 kgs after i fall sick.. Hmm... can i sick again? hahaha! crazy idea to slim. i asked wen jie will i still look nice if i bcome slim. n she said " *she said something n i forgot*" hahaha! anyways she mean yes i will. But i said if i dun den ill kill her n eat her off.. hahaha! den grow fat bac.. any idea on how to cook her? LOL

Random #4

Merdeka nite we(uni frens plus sean) DoTA fromm 11pm to 5am. Fun Fun =) but some ass name Kae Yi F^#% no balls n hav to go bac b4 morning.. or else it should end by tmr morning.

Random #5

Aaahh.. Older-Then-You_GF cool anot? i think it does ler!! hahaha! any1 agree?

~EnD~ (Enough $ Nicely Done)

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