Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Monday, November 15, 2010

It was just a dream.

I'm so afraid of writing what I wanna say because it would turn out to b so obvious that the person would notice it if he/she does find out my blog. In general term, humans could be so selfish, ignorance and so inconsiderate. I am so God Damn Fucking Sad rite now and so disappointed that this is happening to me AGAIN.

Just imagine, you are a restaurant owner. Ur shop has a rival some where across the town and the competition is fairly hot. This customer walks into your shop, ordered stuff, finished the meal and asked to meet the chef/restaurant owner. So at this point you would b so excited and the conversation started and it continues well. Some where along the line you thought that this guy really likes your food and you thought he is one of ur regulars. Then the weird thing happens, he asked you for opinion about the rival and without hesitation you told him what you think. Finally when the conversation almost over, you found out that the customer is actually ur rival's regular and he is here today because ur the rival is closed for a week.

Without consciously knowing that your face actually turned sad and all you wanna do rite now is chase this customer away and ask him to never come back. This might look illogically for business senses but what if this is translated into relationship senses? Hard to get the picture? I truly understand but this is the best I can do without being too obvious. I constantly loses battle after battle. When I finally see a ray of light, life has to shut it down and put me back into misery. This is a lonely road to walk through.

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