Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The weather is hot, yet it is cold in me.

Dear blog,

Having me visiting you again obviously shows dat I ain't happy today. and do u noe y? well, truthfully? Yea. it always has and it is still it. come and go as if im a public parking spot. depended on it and left the next minute. couldnt even care a lil more about it. all i did and wanted to do was to care for her. yet this is wad i got, a greeting, a miss understanding and no reply after dat. God damn it, what have i done to deserve this? what is it about me dat so hard for u to accept me? or at least appreciates me as a fren. Enough taking me for granted. U have broken my heart enough times. A lie so big dat I still couldnt let go. Easy for you to say yet u nvr prove to me dat u r a worthy fren, wad more a close 1. I might hav fall for u but i am not blind. I might be stupid whn u r around but im not an idiot. I can tell de difference when u talk to the others than to me. if he is such a great man den dun fucking find me any more. dun come and tell me ur sad stories jus because u dun hav feelings for me. i have judged u wrongly. U still dun learn your lessons. my dear, hope u r on the rite track. because if one day u r gona cry in front of me. im gona laugh at you. cruel i am, but i aint no a heart breaker. selfish i am, yet i noe how to care for ppl more den you do. a bastard i am, yet i treat every1 around with my heart. joy, sad, happy & anger, every emotion is true and without mask. If u think you understand, if u think u noe. u r deeply, awfully wrong.


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