Phang Khai SIang

Phang Khai SIang

Friday, August 8, 2008

A visit to Proton

I went visit proton in ur RnD center. Its very eye opening and it changes the way i see dem. I always noe wad proton are able to do. But because of political issues and Malaysians disbelieve in dem, they are not able to show 100% wad dey can really do.

Let me break things into smaller pieces for u to see. For example a Proton IAFM Campro enigne in persona, 1.3liter is making about 90HP while the 1.6 is make about 110HP. These are jus values but from it we can see that the 1.3 liter is as power as the old 1.5 mitsubishi engine. acceptable fuel consumtion. locally made. Good? =) yea. Cap Matahari "Japanese" cars are better but we are not too far from them. Wad i mean is this. Proton have plans on:
2)Turbos Enignes (Soon)
3) and ALREADY have their own 2.2/3.0 Liter V6 [due to marketing issues, they were not mass produced]

adding to those point, i heard the up coming Campro (whole new engine build for turbo) 1.6 turbo will produce 250Nm!! Madness.

Putting power dept away. Proton showed us all the machines they have on quality checking. from road simulation to button pressing machines!!! Yes! they press the buttons for thousand times!! Theres also, door closing, hood closing, hand break pulling, Heat testing and etc and they are done in thousands of times.

The best part is to feel 2G on a Proton car on their test track XD. FUN!! They say it could go higher/faster. Damn! i couldnt wait to feel them. Their styling team are awesome too!!! The brand new saga looks "gentle" rite? in their RnD center there's this Saga LOOKS SO SAMN COOL!!!! like OMG MAN!!!! WoooooHuuu!!! Y dun dey sell dat?!?!?!?! Sobs Sobs~

Pls support proton even they only score 3 stars in crash test"bad" =/
They say this is because sales not enough. The more u hold back, the more they cant giv u. u hoping them to get money from whr?? we keep supporting Cap Matahari den forever we buying cap matahari for higher price. Well ofcos If dey"Proton" really take all profits into RnD and make our cars better la. Yea. Support Proton den sooner we get turbo proton. sooner we get "BWM/Merc" like proton. Sooner we get lotus performence in Proton.

Sry no pic to show. if i found any1 with photo ill update la.

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